TopGolf Bays

TopGolf Bays (Photo: TopGolf.com)

It’s safe to say New England isn’t exactly the golf capital of the world… But it is pretty popular, especially around a big city like Boston.

One of the fastest growing companies in all of golf is TopGolf. They currently have 35 locations, between ones that are open and ones that are getting ready to open, in the United States.

The closest one to Boston? A quick little four hour drive down the interstate to Edison, New Jersey. “Come on kids we are going for a ride!!!”

So why does TopGolf continue to ignore New England, more specifically Boston? The snow and cold winters? Well, it can’t be that because they have two locations in New Jersey and they have one in Chicago. Last I checked it gets pretty chilly in Chicago around January. Lack of golf interest? Golf.com ranks the greater Boston area the 44th top golf city in the United States. Not to mention they boast all over their website how even the most unexperienced golfer will have a blast at TopGolf.


TopGolf Better Table
(Photo: TopGolf.com)

TopGolf is trying though, kind of. In 2015, TopGolf was interested in a piece of land on Dedham Street in Canton, MA. In an interview with Canton’s local newspaper, TopGolf’s Director of Real Estate Zach Shor said that TopGolf, “likes the area and is very interested in learning more”.

Here we are in 2017 and no news of TopGolf coming to New England is on the horizon.

The winter months don’t effect a thing because TopGolf has heaters in all their bays and the employees clear the targets plus the field off of snow when it does snow, so that’s not a factor.

TopGolf would do so well in the Boston area because it isn’t just a driving range your average golfer hits up after work or before a round. It is a golf entertainment complex. Picture it as the family headed to the local bowling ally on a Sunday you have nothing to do. It is not like you’re a pro bowler, or need to be to have fun while bowling. TopGolf is a bowling ally on steroids. At TopGolf you can be Jordan Spieth or you can be picking up a golf club for the first time and have fun.

TopGolf Bar

TopGolf Bar
Photo: TopGolf.com

Even go with your buddies on a Saturday night. Your best friend rather go to the bar, slug two-dollar Bud Selects and eat deep fried food? Well tell him that at TopGolf they have a full wait staff that will bring him as much food and beers he wants. Oh but he doesn’t own clubs? TopGolf has free rental clubs right at the complex so you don’t have to worry about your buddy snapping your brand new driver when he hits the ground a foot behind the ball.

TopGolf not being in the greater Boston area is an absolute crime. You have more colleges than you can think of, a decent golf community (Boston hosts a FedEx Playoff event), and Boston is a pretty big sports city. With the popularity of TopGolf growing and their recent expansion to cold-weather cities, I bet we see a TopGolf Boston sooner rather than later.

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