fifteen-inch-cupsSometimes smart people come up with dumb ideas. There is no better example of a dumb idea than the proposal to widen the cup from 4.25 inches to 15 inches. In fact this idea is so insane, my guess is that Tim Geary might have something to do with it. Do we really want to putt at cups the size of a pizza? If the imbeciles behind this plan really want to ruin the game, then why not make the cups the size of a trash barrel. How much break do you play in a 20-foot putt if the cup will swallow up a tennis ball, basketball ball or soccer ball? Answer. No break.

I’ve heard of farfetched ideas to grow the game, but this borders on lunatic, which qualifi es Geary’s reckless position. It’s not the size of the hole that’s driving people away from the game, it’s the expense. Every year the cost of equipment and greens fees rise higher and higher. If you take the fear of missing humiliatingly short putts out of golf, then you are taking away its soul. Yes golf has a soul. How do I know? Because I’ve lost a ton of dough missing 3-foot putts, profusely sweating, knees-knocking and putter yipping when the match is on the line.

With 15- inch cups, everything inside 10-feet will be a gimme. If everything is a gimme then the suspense, the fun, the excitement and the “choke Factor” will be gone from the game. After all, isn’t one of the reasons we play is because we want to see if we are going to “choke”? I strive to test my inner strength to see if I can step up and deliver when the chips (and cash) are on the line. And, nine times out of ten, my delivery is messed up, but I’ll come back and try, try again.

I still don’t get it. Why are the PGA of America and the powers that be in golf begging people to play? They’ve gone to extreme measures to try to convince potential players that the game is affordable and fun for everyone. We know that is BS. They fail to mention that it takes fi ve hours to play, there are way too many rules, courses are closing, men and women aren’t playing much, men are frustrated and no one is paying for lessons to get better.

Do you think more people will play basketball if the rim were lowered? No. It’s also silly to think that more people will play baseball if they moved in the center fi eld wall so hitting a home run is easier. TaylorMade CEO Mark King has been a proponent of the 15-inch cup claiming it will “reinvigorate the golf experience to ensure the game continues to thrive in the 21st century.” More BS. Call me a traditionalist but Mark King should stay focused on developing quality irons and metal woods, and not start promising me more fun, faster play and lower scores because of a 15-inch cup. I’d probably shoot a smooth 88 even with the 15-inch cup, but it’s more challenging the old-fashion way.

The only problem the golf industry has is that it is not making enough money, which is the real reason they want more participation. The sport is fi ne and it’s fl ourishing and the truth-twisting, hypocrites like King should chill out and stop complaining that the game is not growing. We don’t need more players & we defi nitely don’t need gimmicks like 15-inch cups.

Tom Gorman has never had a gimme putt from 15-inches, even in a friendly match.