Does PGA Tour newcomer Grayson Murray have a point?

Last week he tweeted out “Imagine if more guys from the PGA tour opened up on social media. Golf would gain popularity not losing it.”

Some strong words from a newcomer ranked 154th in the world and not really known.

This sparks the controversy of golfers being boring.

I think Murray is 100% correct.

Grayson Murray

Photo Credit: Divot Dynasty

With the huge network of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook professional athletes have so many platforms to express themselves and reach out to their fans. If you take a look at some of the most active on social media, you will see the tours most liked competitors. Justin Thomas, Smylie Kaufman, Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler.

In other sports we see the stars tweeting GIF’s, funny tid bits about life and some have even started the trend of going Instagram live. For you non-millennials, Instagram live is a feature on Instagram where the user can live stream whatever they are doing. Another aspect of social media athletes could use to interact with their fans.

Yet so many of the PGA Tours best players ignore it. Players like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and a handful of the older Tour guys are seen on Twitter mainly tweeting endorsements for sponsors or the tournament they are currently playing. They show no emotion and seem like they are robot-generated tweets.

But Murray’s comments may have motivated a couple tour pros Sunday night after the WGC-Mexico Championship when McIlroy and Thomas had an interaction everyone can laugh at.

After a frustrating Sunday Justin Thomas tweeted out:

“Yes, I’m an emotional player. It’s in my character and always has been. I’ll always have fire in me. Sorry to those offended by my actions.”

But McIlroy also had a pretty frustrating Sunday, so why not lighten things up with a little golf humor? So he responded to Thomas’ tweet saying:

Thomas then poked back with a picture of McIlroy:

The interaction ended with Smylie Kaufman adding in:

Is this a coincidence this happened only days after Murray opened up?

Who cares.

That was Twitter gold for golf fans and if Murray’s comments can create more interactions like that, get the popcorn ready.

What makes this so unique and fun is that it doesn’t happen often. In other major sports we see players poke fun and heckle one another on social media almost regularly. But god forbid a proper golfer does so. That is the attitude Murray is trying to get out of golf and if you don’t love this kind of stuff you’re crazy. Golfers have personalities too and some of them are great. If they start to show up more and more it is only good for golf.