Maybe The Game of Golf Is Just Too Hard?

The talk in the golf world lately has been all about expanding the golf game and growing the game. Ways to make it more universal and globally played.

What if the problem with doing that isn’t money, accessibility of clubs/courses or even desire to play? What if it is the simple fact that, golf is just a hard game.

If you play a pick-up basketball game, you are bound to at least make one lay up or jump shot. If you play in a flag football league you bound to make a catch or pull someone’s flag at a pivotal moment. If you play roller hockey you are bound to make a good pass, an assist or a goal.

But when it comes to golf, hitting that small white ball, with the small metal club face isn’t easy. And when you do, making it go in the air and straight is a whole other battle.


Tough golf swing

The “problem” with beginner golf is that there are so many components that go into hitting a golf ball onto the fairway or onto the green. It starts with ball position and gets as technical as swing plane and having an open or shut clubface.

In basketball you can have an ugly jump shot and still rattle a jump shot home once or twice. In football you can throw to an open wide receiver or catch a ball. In roller hockey you can slap home a goal or make a halfway decent pass once and a while.

In golf you may get lucky and make a putt or two outside of five feet in a round. But hitting a green from 150 yards out, for a first-time golfer is like asking a guy at a pickup basketball game to do a 360 dunk.

The Problem With All This?

There is really no way to make the game easier for amateurs. If you are a competitive person, you are going to get frustrated after topping your 6 iron nine times in a row, and if you aren’t drunk, you’re going to have a miserable time. Resulting in you having a bad taste in your mouth about the game of golf all because of one round, and odds you ever golf again are slim.


Expectation vs Reality

The solution can’t simply be, get so drunk you don’t care how bad you play, that’s a bad look on the game.

The solution may not be known to this point.

There have been ideas such as making the hole bigger and making the rounds quicker. But at the end of the day none of this makes the game of golf that much easier.

This is the problem with the game so many love.

You almost have to be a die-hard golfer to be good enough at the game to enjoy it. And it is borderline unethical to tell the average joe “Oh your first time golfing? Here is a 12-pack of beer and a bunch of nips. Enjoy!”

At the end of the day growing the game may be handicapped for reasons more than “Golf is expensive”. Maybe it is just the fact that it is a hard game to learn and play.

Photo Credits: Pinterest