The Lifetime Game of Golf

High school sports are a lot of kids lives in high school.

You go to school to be eligible to play.

You go to practice everyday working to get better.

You build a bond with your teammates and it is something you will always cherish.

But, the keyword to all of that is high school…

High school ends, and if you aren’t lucky enough to play college sports…

What now?


Photo courtesy of Happenings Magazine

If you’re like me, you are a competitor, you love sports, hate to lose and want to be the best.

Rec league basketball, flag football or beer league softball will all get you out and running and having a good time.

Those years end as well.

Why not fill that void of high school football with a sport you can play till you are in your 90’s?

Golf is an amazing game that filled that void for me after high school.

Watching the PGA Tour and it all looks so effortless, making it seem pretty easy to do.

So I grab a set of old clubs my uncle gave me and headed out to the course for the first time two summers ago.

I topped practically every shot, lost countless number of balls, got pissed off more times than I can remember, and shot around a 120.

But I still had fun somehow.


Photo courtesy of www.mtviewcountryclub.com

I loved the challenge of hitting a ball.

Golf is the perfect competitors game.

It not only is a competition with opponents, but with yourself and even against par.

Getting better takes work, and if you were a high school athlete you love grinding to get better. Buy a set of older clubs and start now. Go to the driving range, go to the chipping and putting area even more.

Once your scores start dropping it is the best feeling in the world.

Golf will reap its benefits on you as well.

You network like crazy at a golf course, you meet people you work with who golf, and make friends you would never have had. Kind of like all your buddies from high school baseball.

Picking up the game of golf after high school was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

It not only filled a void, but I fell in love with a sport that I knew nothing about.