Krave Jerky Curbs Golfers Appetite

We have all been there.

On the third fairway and your stomach starts to growl. You think, “What the hell, I just ate breakfast”. So you open a granola bar and eat it in one bite and it doesn’t even touch your hunger.

You need some protein.

Obviously you can’t carry a steak around with you, you aren’t going to make it to the turn for a burger without dying of hunger and protein bars just aren’t he same.

Golfers all over have been turning to Krave jerky.

Not only does it supply you with almost 10g of protein per serving, it curbs your appetite because of all that protein. In the warm summer months when you’re out golfing it get pretty hot. Then you start sweating out all your fluids and salt. Krave jerky has the sodium that is essential to replenish your system.

Krave Beef Jerky

Krave Beef Jerky – Sweet Chipotle

No need to bore yourself with plain jerky either. Krave offers eight different variations of flavors. They are the basic sea salt beef jerky, basil citrus turkey jerky, chili lime beef jerky, black cherry barbecue pork jerky, sweet chipotle beef jerky, garlic chili pepper beef jerky, lemon garlic turkey jerky, pineapple orange beef jerky and sweet grilled teriyaki pork jerky. Enough flavors to satisfy anybody’s taste buds.

Krave Beef Jerky

Krave Jerky has many different flavors

Another added benefit is if you don’t finish it all, the jerky will stay edible for a few weeks. So unlike that banana that will turn to mush in a few days, Krave jerky will stay perfect in your side pocket for your round next weekend when you need a little energy at the turn.

Krave jerky is the perfect snack for your next golf round. It is filling like a real meal, packs the protein and can be stored in your bag with no threat of going bad. Now when you are on you are way to the course, while you pick up that six pack of beer to sneak onto the course, grab a bag of Krave jerky and thank me later.

Photo Credit: KraveJerky.com