KnuthDriver_140815-36_v2There were lots of shiny new products from the major players in the golf industry – drivers, irons, wedges and putters – introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January.

The very best product, however, just might have come from a company you’ve never heard of.

Knuth Golf officially launched its High Heat driver that was specifically designed from the ground up for scratch to high handicap amateur golfers, not tour pros, and the reviews have been spectacular.

One noted sportswriter, Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated, called High Heat “the most significant technological innovation” at the PGA Show. He called High Heat “a game changer” and an “advantage” for amateur golfers compared to major brands, because it “turns a flock of previously mis-hit shots into sweet-spot drives.”

hhlineupHigh Heat, designed by former USGA Senior Director Dean Knuth, was the only driver named to two “Best Products” lists from the PGA Show.

Tony Leodora chose High Heat for his popular “Tony’s Top 10” golf products from the PGA Show. “Tony’s Top 10″ has been airing on the GolfTalk Live radio show in Philadelphia since 2006. “High Heat is the hottest driver coming out of this year’s PGA Show,” said Leodora. “It took the Show by storm.”

High Heat also was the only driver recognized by golf writer Leigh MacKay as one of the top six products from the Demo Day. MacKay’s column appeared in New England Golf Monthly’s web site. Here’s an excerpt from the column:

Knowing that tee shots hit below the center of the face can lose up to 20 yards, Knuth has given High Heat a much deeper and lower center of gravity (CG) than any of the major brands, producing more total distance and forgiveness. The driver has a unique face—Knuth’s Fire Zone Face Technology—with a combination of seven different zones of variable thickness, including patented “parabolic” lobes at the top of the toe and heel of the face. This increases spring-like effect across the entire face while still conforming to USGA Rules and increasing the accuracy of High Heat.

p4Golf Laboratories, the world’s leading independent, robotic testing facility, tested High Heat against major brands. The test results showed that High Heat was longer, straighter, and had more forgiveness than the major brands.

The tests by real golfers, however, have added another layer of confidence for players looking for the hottest new driver. Here are some more comments:

If you want extra distance and increased accuracy then High Heat is a great choice. Dean invented the USGA Slope Rating System and has given amateur golfers an equal gem in High Heat. Pure genius.”

Sean “The Beast” Fister, three-time World Long Drive Champion, World Long Drive Hall of Famer.
“The company claims that the low, deep CG also makes the driver more accurate on off center hits than any other driver. If you are among the majority of golfers that tend to make contact slightly off center and lower on the face, this is very good news. Even if you make consistent contact, you need to try this driver! Having hit the High Heat myself, I believe their claims. The High Heat driver hits the ball very high, very far and very straight.”

John Duval, IntoTheGrain.com
“High Heat’s whole face is a sweet spot.  This driver is phenomenal.”

Those Weekend Golf Guys Radio Show on Golf Talk America at the PGA show:
You are going to have to wrestle it from my hands.  High Heat made me feel like a pro. I just walked up and hit 8 tee shots and every one of them went right down the middle. Normally I have a bit of a fade, but not with this. Every ball, nice and high, nice and long and straight as an arrow.

Mike Stinton of The Golf Channel and Golfing Magazine:
Sounds like a cannon.  Goes like a rocket ship.”

Swanson Smith +4 handicap mini tour player from San Antonio, Tx.
It’s incredible.  It sounds powerful.  It goes a long way. A powerful driver. Probably 20-30 yards longer than my current driver.

James Stammer, Wednesday Night Golf Show.
“Straight every time!!!”

Joe and James Nieporte 3 and 10 handicaps, Boca Raton, FL.
“Very hot.  Great feel.”

Arlo Ashby  Handicap 0. Louisville KY
We definitely recommend High Heat because it is the hottest driver on the market. Longer and straighter than major brands. These benefits are based on brilliant science. Remarkable.” Unlike any other driver.” 

Tee It up National Radio Network
“I have never played a driver that offered the best of both worlds; i.e. the longest driver and the most forgiving driver all in the same technologically improved head. Thank you High Heat for helping my game out.”

Peter Laszlo, 5 handicap, All American Golfer in 1970 at UCLA. San Diego, CA
My good drives average about 260 yards with my driver and other major brands. When I hit High Heat it consistently went about 280+ yards and almost every one of them would have landed in the fairway. It was easy to swing and the best driver I have ever hit by far.”

Robert Carl, 3 handicap, Erlanger Kentucky
I love the mirror face. It shows me where I hit the face on every drive. The immediate feedback helps me with where to set-up on drives.” 

Tony Dear, The Avid Colorado Golfer.
Knuth Golf’s Fire Zone Face Technology and the lower and deeper center of gravity are the key elements that make High Heat such a special driver

Van Sickle noted these technological advances in his story. But maybe most telling was his description of Knuth’s motivation.
“He’s just a golfer who wants to make a great driver, not a publicly-owned company under pressure to make profits. This is a pursuit, a hobby, a quest to make a better club and yes, he’d like not to lose money on it. So keep in mind that the High Heat won’t be mass-produced by the thousands and be discounted by next year when a newer model comes out, unlike the big clubmakers. The High Heat will likely have a limited run. Just so you know… I’ve got my order in.”


High Heat’s regular price is $399. However, New England Golf Monthly has arranged a special pre-launch price of $299 for its readers. You can obtain this price by going to www.knuthgolf.com, and selecting New England Golf Monthly when asked “How did you hear about this?” You should definitely check out this amazing driver.