Tour Edge Can Compete

When thinking of brands outside of the big names in the golf world like Taylormade, Callaway and Titleist.

People are reluctant to buy their products.

Just because big companies have a bigger budget for marketing and advertising, people think their products are so much better.

Well that is wrong.

The company going against those odds is Tour Edge.

In the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List they had seven items receive metals.

They were the following:

Supermetal XJ1 Fairway wood: the ultra-lightweight titanium body is matched up with a tungsten sole to make up one of the best 3 woods on the market.

tour edge

EX10/EX10 BETA Fairway wood: Newly developed steel allows this clubface to be thinner than ever and to shed some weight to get some speed through your ball. Alongside the aerodynamic profile, you will be hitting missiles with this thing

EX 10 Hybrid: Using the same HT980 steel in the face, this hybrid will be launching balls toward the green at a high rate. If you’re in the market for a hybrid, look no further.

Hot Launch 2 Iron-Woods: A perfect club for the people who can’t seem to get the club around as fast as they used too. The ultra thin face matched up with the heavy sole and hollow hypersteel body will have you hitting iron shots like you are 20 again.

CB Pro Tungsten Irons: looking for a forgiving iron that will still provide great distance and workability? Look no further. With its heavy tungsten sole this makes the club way more forgiving while holding its sleek blade look.

tour edge

EXD Irons:  This iron features the largest free-standing face with the deepest undercut cavity manufactured by Exotics to provide unparalleled forgiveness. The variable face thickness also creates an expanding sweet spot to maximize forgiveness and distance.

CBX Forged Irons: Last, but very not least is a sleek forged iron any golfer would drool over. The S25 steel provides a soft feel on every one of your iron shots to feel more control of the ball. The thin top line and blade look create a beautiful blade look at address.

Don’t worry about the big brands. Sometimes it is better to try around and see for yourself what is best.