Typically after a round of golf we are sprinting from the course to a restaurant or a meeting and although our attire will pass the fashion inspection, golf spiked shoes are normally a faux pas. Enter Josh Hannum, the founder of Canoos golf shoes. Will Bacos, the brand manager of Canoos explained how the idea was born when a group playing hooky on a warm spring day in the Northeast, went from their boat to the course and played in their boat shoes. They didn’t work so well, slipping on the wet grass during their swings. They duly noted that these shoes were not made for golf and so a gorilla grass root marketing idea came to fruition.

Canoos shoes combine a Sperry worthy designed boat shoe style with the fit and function of golf wear. Their motto is, “Relax. It’s just golf.” Now you can golf in the shoes that get you there. Canoos has over twenty skus for men and women. They come in canvas or leather with colorful or neutral hues. There is a Team USA Walker Cup in red, white and blue of course.


These highly fashionable creations carry and comfort feet in the best of both worlds. The spikes are molded within the foundation of the shoes and protrude minimally to reduce the pressure of ground contact felt by the wearer. Soft leather uppers are comfortable and stable enough for big swings. If you are looking for a reduction of shoes in the closet, Canoos can certainly alleviate the clutter problem with their multitasking, great looking Canoos golf shoes.

They look preppy and are prepared for any occasion, perfect for observing a practice day at the Masters following the pros along the hilly, perhaps moist, emerald mounds and posing in front of the famed azaleas. In fact they came out with a special green pair in honor of the Masters. A round or a few at Reynolds Lake Oconee after Augusta would be convenient and timely to channel the golf of the masters. Board a boat for a tour of the lake or fishing, all in Canoos shoes.