Carrie – Pistachio

Fashion freedom is something we should never take for granted. Fashion freedom is exactly what Sandbaggers delivers with their wide choice of styles in ladies’ golf shoes and sandals. They have the most variety of strappy solutions for toes that cry out for freedom, “Please let us wiggle free and breathe in that hot summer air.”

Slip in to the Carrie model with cutout design on the top and single velcro heel strap, carried in Graystone, Pistachio and Red shades.

Galia is back, regaling in black, tan and white with narrower front straps, still sturdy to swing in.

Grace in black and gold is a fine basic design that works with all apparel. Velcro adjustments cradle the feet. Lola is what you want if you loved the charming appeal of their original Gina model. Her

Morgan - Black Diamond

Morgan – Black Diamond

Charm color is a berry type pink. Mint and Royal Blue are two more pretty options.

All Sandbagger sandals provide arch support. Plastic shank provides torsion control and their StepSaver orthotic helps to reduce athletic foot fatigue with the most comfortable cushioned feel.

Spikeless designs mean traction without tracking grass everywhere. Reserve a shelf in your footlocker just for the Sandbagger choices and know you can match any outfit in comfort and style. But wait there are more models. Morgan has a V shape strap down the front center from the Velcro ankle strap that elegantly encounters another flat strap across the base of the toes over a sleek molded sole. The Black Diamond pattern and Butterscotch solid are two new very versatile colors. Tango in berry and teak with a multicolored ribbon accent complete the lineup. That’s just the line of sandals! Check out all the pretty shoes too at www.hersandbaggers.com Don’t forget her in the url or life.