With the popularity of “lifestyle” and crossover footwear that can be worn on and off the course, golf footwear has evolved from the traditional, structured, leather, spiked style to a lighter, more flexible, colorful style devoted to comfort and, all-purpose treads that can be worn anywhere at anytime.  Gaining high marks in the areas of  versatility and comfort, the modern sneaker-style golf shoes may not hold up to their traditional predecessor when it comes to longevity. However, new products come along that change the way we do things, change what we wear and change our standards and  force us to adapt. Golf equipment has seen amazing innovations and finally golf footwear is following suit introducing high performance shoes that are lighter, more colorful and more unique in design.  Hybrids to the traditional style of yesteryear will soon be the “new norm” in footwear.


54500_NVGY_FSkechers GO GOLF Bionic 2

Matt Kuchar, Skechers GO GOLF ambassador, collaborates with their design team to create the newest innovations and technologies seen in their golf footwear today.  Skechers GO GOLF Bionic 2, this year’s newest model, showcases a sporty, athletic design with two-tone contrasting pattern. More lightweight (10 oz. per shoe) than last year’s model, it features a 4mm low drop design to keep the foot low to the ground in a neutral position, allowing your feet to move more naturally. The company’s patented H2GO Shield, waterproofs the seamless synthetic upper, making it easy to clean and impervious to the elements. The high performance Resamax cushioning acts as a shock absorber, providing maximum foot support and comfort. Skechers trademark Resagrip traction outsole with flexible turf cleats enables exceptional grip on all terrain and weather conditions. This model is only available in mens sizes and comes in four color combos —charcoal/gray, navy/gray, black/gray, white/black.  

(MSRP:  $105.)   www.Skechers.com


Biion Footwear

Biion is a shoe for the trailblazers, the trendsetters, the bold person brave enough to breakaway from the norm. A modern twist on the iconic Oxford silhouette, the company utilizes unconventional materials and technologies to create the most original golf shoes the golf industry has seen.  A golf shoe that takes you beyond the course…can be worn as a lifestyle shoe, to work, around the house or on the boat.  This versatile, comfortable, slip-on shoe not only stands out from the crowd, but attracts a crowd!  BiionBeach

The shoe’s upper is made of ultra-light, ultra-flexible, form-fitting Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material which is washable, anti-microbial, and odor-resistent. Designed to mold to your foot whether you wear socks or not, tiny holes in the Biion upper provide ventilation and breathability. The footbed has insole ‘nodes’ that give your foot a massage with every step. The shock-absorbent dual-density midsole ensures comfortability and stability, whereas the rubber outsole features a spikeless hexagon-patterned cleat that provides durability, stability and grip. The Biion shoe weighs about 4 ounces making it one of the lightest performance golf shoes on the market. Biion’s wide spectrum of stylish patterns and color combos will fit any taste. Choose from a range of five styles: Classics, Saddles, Brights, Wingtips or take a walk on the wild side with the Patterns style.

(MSRP: $99.99)    www.biionfootwear.com


OOFOS Recovery Footwear


There’s no denying, during our lifetime our feet take a beating… supporting our body weight, pounding the pavement day in, day out. If you’re a golfer who walks an 18-hole round, that’s an additional 13,000 steps added to your daily grind. Not to mention the  added pressure our feet, ankles, and knees endure just with the golf swing itself plus  the additional weight toting a golf bag. After working hard all day those feet need recovery…but no time to kick back? Step into OOFOS recovery footwear and you’ll feel the “OO” “Ahh”, the laid-back feel that this footwear provides. The pioneer of recovery footwear, OOFOS has seen explosive growth in thousands of Run Specialty stores, but this incredibly designed footwear is not just for athletes, it’s for everyone whose feet need to feel rejuvenated.


OOFOS is made of a proprietary material called OOfoam, a closed-cell foam that is waterproof. The OOfoam patented footbed absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foams.  Extremely durable, the OOfoam material doesn’t breakdown like most cushioned foams.  Slip on a pair of OOFOS slides, thongs, or clogs and you’ll feel the unparalleled arch support and cushioned comfort that OOfoam provides. The shoe cradles your foot with tremendous arch support relieving pressure on your feet, and in the joints of your ankles, knees, hips and lower back to help the body recover faster from any physical activity. You’ll feel more spring, more bounce in each step with OOFOS footwear.

Taking the OOFOS challenge will make you a believer!  I walked over 45,000 steps on concrete flooring of the Orange County Convention Ctr. during the 3-day PGA Merchandise Show while wearing OOFOS OOriginal Footwear (thong sandal). I was astonished…no foot pain, body aches or fatigue. It amazed me that a thong sandal could provide such incredible support and comfort. They are available in a variety of colors and styles with clever names:  OOriginal Sport,  OOahh Sport, OOlala, and OOcloog.

(MSRP: $44.95-$64.95)  www.OOFOS.com