imageDespite the conservative traditions of the golf industry, G/FORE has taken a fearlessly sexy approach to having fun on the golf course. G/FORE’s colorful style is quickly taking the fashion industry by storm and transforming the appearance of quality golf apparel. The brand’s flirtatious, provocative attitude seduces us into wanting to play. Golf that is.

The brightly colored golf gloves and other eye-catching accessories that G/FORE is known for have been turning heads since it’s 2011 debut. Fashion conscious, golf obsessed personalities can hardly resist wearing it. If you spotted the likes of musician Jake Owen in a hat that reads “PRAY FOR BIRDIES”, or everyone’s favorite golf comedian Bill Murray in his color-coordinated gloves at this year’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, then you witnessed the G/FORE golf fashion movement first-hand. From golf addicted poster-boys like Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon to a plethora of other celebrity sightings, G/FORE has been exploding across the golf scene based on style alone. With so much buzz surrounding the company’s uninhibited fashion statements, we all want a piece.

Who’s responsible for the G/FORE color craze? It may appeal to your curiosity to learn that Mossimo Giannulli, creator of the well known Mossimo brand and former owner of Paul Frank and Modern Amusement, was the mastermind behind G/FORE golf apparel. During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I paid Mossimo a visit at the G/FORE studio in Beverly Hills where I captured a sneak peek of the men’s apparel line scheduled to come out in July. The successful clothing designer was anything but bashful about his love of golf and personal motivations to create a bold, quality-driven brand of golf wear. Mossimo, after all, plays to a 2 handicap and is the epitome of style and sophistication himself. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the G/FORE headquarters and showroom just happen to be located next door to two of LA’s best private country clubs; Mossimo’s favorite being Bel Air.

imageAlthough some of G/FORE’s slogans and marketing make allusions that might have your grandmother gasping, there’s no disputing the marketability of the brand as a whole. Mossimo has spared no expense in guaranteeing that his eye-candy golf wear is also of the highest quality on the market in every way.

G/FORE uses only premium AA Cabretta leather for it’s golf gloves. They are customizable to your liking and are offered in a variety of colors, including camouflage patterns and patriotic schemes that are exclusive to G/FORE. The socks are fun and colorful as well and designed for lasting comfort. The new polos are made from a non-polyester fabric that features moisture wicking, UV protection, and a four way stretch pattern for flex and breathability. Even the collars come with inserts for shape and durability. The new outerwear also comes in equally gorgeous, hand-selected knits that are detailed down to their tarnish free zippers. The Italian RiRi zippers alone are made from polished nickel at $6 a piece with a 10 year warranty, as opposed to 30 cent zippers that most apparel brands use. Does your zipper have a 10 year warranty? Mossimo Giannulli has clearly taken every liberty possible in ensuring the creation of a golf brand like no other.image

Who’s wearing G/FORE out on tour?: Tom Watson, Jonas Blixt, Alex Cejka, Robert Rock, Brooke Pancake, and Kathleen Ekey were some of the first to wear G/FORE in tournament play. The list simply keeps on growing.

What’s next on G/FORE’s “coming soon” list? Although women’s gloves, socks, and shoes are already on the market, expect a hot new ladies line to arrive in the spring of 2016! We can’t wait to see what G/FORE has in store! I’m sure model/golfer Anna Rawson feels the same.

From bold, colorful fashion statements to seductive ad campaigns, G/FORE doesn’t hold back and neither should your game. Get Your Color On at gfore.com!

And as always, don’t forget to make your game your best accessory. “The sexiest thing on any golfer is a great swing” – Alicia Moon