PUMA_WOMENS_MONOLITE_GOLF_SHOES_2014_FLUO_PINK_175Puma Golf’s latest entry into the spikeless golf shoe market, the Monolite, is well worth your consideration even if you’re like me and up until this point are not really convinced golf shoes without conventional plastic cleats will work under all the varying conditions you find during a golf round.

However having showed off my prejudice the first thing about these shoes is, so to speak “right out of the box,” is not the lack of cleats but how little they weight.

PUMA_WOMENS_MONOLITE_GOLF_SHOES_2014_FLUO_GREEN_ELECTRIC_GREEN_175Puma says 9.5 oz. which of course is really light but once you put them on you get the impression they weight even less. Walking, whether on pavement or grass feels great and since the lacing pattern is designed to nicely snug the leather upper around your foot there’s lots of support even for those who are afflicted with a hyper-athletic swing.

So the big question to be resolved was how the spikeless outsole would perform under actual playing conditions.

After several rounds I can report the short answer is very well.

187132-01First time out wearing the Monolites was for a late in the day quick nine when the course was bone dry and traction not unsurprisingly was just fine. Some of the subsequent rounds however were under less than ideal conditions – early morning dew, over exuberant use of the sprinkler system and an outright Florida “frog-choker” cloud burst.

Puma-Womens-Monolite-Spikeless-Golf-ShoeNot once did the Monolites slip on the wet grass though to be honest, there were several swings which I would have liked to been able to blame the outcome on faulty traction.

Men’s Monolites ($100) give you the choice of several color combinPuma-Monolite-Spikeless-Golf-Shoeations, two in perforated leather uppers and three in smooth leather upper and Puma even throws in a second set of contrasting laces with each pair. Women may choose from four color combinations and their Monolites ($70), with a very stylish oxford look, have a sock liner made from the same material as a yoga mat.