“Offensively Comfortable” Flip Flops

Whether you are on your way to the golf course, heading to the pool after your round, heading to the beach with your family on the weekend or just hanging around the house, Ahhsoles flip flops won’t disappoint.

They aren’t your normal 99 cent flip flops from department stores that will last you a week and then break. These are made to last.

Designed with unique foot bed textures, these flip flops were named after the “Ahh” feeling you get after taking off those uncomfortable work shoes.

This brand represents a step forward in the flip-flop culture by deviating from the traditional and experimenting with vibrants textures and colors.

Just take a look for yourself. They have styles for everyone’s liking.


  • The Blue Coral & Green Coral flip flops features a coral sole to make even the worst dressed person look stylish. The soft web-like feel makes it feel like you are walking on soft corals all the time.
  • The Green Ripple have a green ripple (hence the name) pattern on the bed of them to make it feel like you’re walking on fresh rippled sand on the beach.
  • The SeaGrass is the final style of flip flop they offer. These may be their most comfortable style because it gives your feet a unique massaging/tickling sensation. Its soft grass feel is meant to mimic the feel of the newly cut grass, which is especially nice after a long round of golf.

Seagrass flip flop

An avid golfer designed these flip flops after one grueling, hot day on the golf course. After playing 36 holes, his feet were sore, so he took a shower to relax.

When he stepped onto the bathmat that had a cool, soft texture, this genius idea to turn this material into flip flops, popped into his head.

Going from the locker room to the shower can be pretty gross doing it barefoot. Why do that, when you can just slip on some Ahhsoles and have a personal foot massage every time you put them on.

They are sold in 16 retailers across the United States and can be bought online at ahhsoles.com for only $30.

Don’t be an Ahhsole to your feet with those cheap flip flops. Buy some of these and treat your feet.