Treasure Cay

Wahoo! Families and friends unlock the key to leisure gold at the Treasure Cay Beach, Marina and Golf Resort in the Bahamas. It has been the financial anchor of Abaco for decades, boasting the largest marina in the Caribbean, one of the top ten beaches in the world and the oldest golf course on the island. Avis Miller, resort manager has warmly welcomed guests for 35 years.

While the accommodations might be a bit outdated, they are kept clean, are very spacious and all you really need between island explorations. A 2-story suite includes a kitchen and living room downstairs and bedroom/bath in the upstairs loft. The balcony overlooks the marina where yachts dock from around the world.

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If you don’t sail in your own boat, book Captain Mark’s Fishing Charter. His menu of activities can be customized. Little cays for fun, island hopping in a day surround Abaco Island. Visit Hopetown’s lighthouse, still manually operated or New Plymouth settlement, intact from the days of old with conch cracking on the dock. Lunch at Green Turtle Club is sure to delight. Pair the lobster salad sandwich with a Tipsy Turtle rum drink and you’ll be ready to rock back on the boat. Stop by No Name Cay to feed the pigs. This sounded silly but it’s really pretty cute. By Guana Cay a mass of manta rays feed out of your hands tickling your toes with their velvet skin. You never know day to day what you’ll see in the sea along the way, perhaps dolphins or whales or flying fish. Our main thrill with Captain Mark was deep sea trolling.

Less than an hour out of port we had five lines in. Cruising along the underwater ledge that dropped to over 1000 feet, we had our first strike and the battle began. The mystery of what took the bait is part of the exhilaration. Adrenaline kicks in as you reel with all your strength.  Forget that you are exhausted, what did I catch? Today’s menu was Wahoo. It’s not easy reeling 42 pounds of the fastest, fighting fish while the boat continues. “Keep the tension, wind the reel, smoothly,” Captain Mark coached again and again as Danny worked out behind the reel for minutes and Alice squealed.

Captain Mark prepares you for the landing of the fish, warning that the teeth are razor sharp and can easily slice up your leg or foot. The beauty and power of the Wahoo relieves the exhaustion of the battle. The celebration is short lived as “Fish On” is called again and another test of will ensues. This was a highlight of our trip. Wahoo we caught two!

Captain Mark dressed them out on the dock and the chef cooked them up at Coco’s on the beach, the place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and music at Treasure Cay. Check out the lounge chairs, umbrellas, kayaks and a water trike in between long powdery beach strolls and floating in the turquoise water. If you prefer poolside, Tipsy Seagull Pool bar refreshes by the marina. Next door is the fine dining restaurant Spinnaker’s Ocean Grille and Wine Bar serving the best of Bahamian cuisine.

Get your golf fixes on the Dick Wilson designed Treasure Cay Golf Club. Golf professional Steve Pedican or staff might pick you up in a golf cart and deliver you to the public course with wide fairways lined by woods or “bush” depending on if you are Bahamian or a transfer. Bright bougainvillea twines over tresses at the clubhouse. Sea grapes, morning glory and flowering trees sprinkle color throughout. Roosters strutted along one fairway and a rather odd duck along another. The charm and character of Treasure Cay is truly reflected in the membership who consider it not just a club but also a family. Bill Chew and Paul Hammond explained how the members have donated time and money to sustain the operations through the years. They give back to the local community as well with children’s programs and medical improvements. Stephen Kappeler, General Manager attests to their contributions as he strives to improve the financials of the Treasure Cay Beach, Marina & Golf Resort to make it more sales worthy. Prospective buyers have been rumored over the years but Avis pays no attention to them. She just keeps smiling, welcoming guests and training the best until the next smart party comes along to invest in one of the great treasures of the world. www.treasurecay.com