As if readying for a Dodge Ram commercial, the big horn sheep greeted us on the green of the sixteenth hole at La Quinta’s PGA West private Arnold Palmer course. This is home to the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and it is media day for the upcoming PGA tournament. But Chrysler is gone. Sadly, so too are Delores and Bob Hope, though not in spirit for sure. Hurray for Humana Health for stepping up to the sponsorship of this PGA event, now appropriately called the Humana Challenge – not just for the touring pros but a challenge to all to be fit and healthy. Linda Hope, daughter of Bob and Delores talked about the keys to healthy living for her parents, who both passed the centenarian mark. Walking, massage and laughter, two of which we gain from golf. Humana handed out pedometers for tracking steps, encouraging exercise. For a wealth of health and wellness information, check out and become part of the challenge. The team of Humana, PGA and the Hope family are joined by the Clinton Foundation. Bill will host a summit on healthcare during the event of Jan 16-22. Players and celebrities will be announced in the coming weeks.

It is always an honor to walk in the steps of the famous on any given course. There is something however about golf in the Palm Springs, California area that gives a bigger sense of being. The palms are so tall and steadfast against the close mountains that it feels protective and peaceful. Perhaps this is why so many from Hollywood and beyond flock to the desert to escape the rat race. Many famous people have stayed at La Quinta Resort, including Frank Cappa. This is where he wrote “It’s a wonderful Life”. The North Pole has no more Christmas spirit than La Quinta. Some have reported seeing the ghost of Cappa’s wife in a white robe. We did not, but we enjoyed our robes by the crackling fireplace on a brisk December night. The flowered grounds, the shops, restaurants, spa and multiple courses make it hard to leave.

Perhaps it was Danny’s whistle that raised the smaller heads of the sheep herd to join the adults on that 16th green or just maybe it was the spirit of Bob Hope bringing us another few moments of joy and laughter as he did for decades in our living rooms and on military bases around the world. Tune in to the Humana Challenge. Salute the Hope legacy and the hope for good health.