Taking Back the Beach: Restoring the Emerald Coast

So many times in our travels around the world, the Emerald Coast is mentioned as one of those casual beach spots everyone likes to visit. The hospitality options are endless there and the golf is great but the beaches are the main reason for visiting in any season due to the soft white sand meeting the turquoise water.

Whether you like to swim in the ocean or lay on the beach reading a good book or watching the marine birds and beachcombers, it is a true getaway. Like so many places along the gulf coast, hurricanes have wreaked havoc. We wondered how would tourists be affected. Here is the good news that the www.emeraldcoastfl.com website had to offer as an update under the title of “Taking the Beach Back: Restoring the Emerald Coast.”

Hurricanes can remove sand from coastal systems, denying a beach’s ability to renourish itself naturally. This condition can be remedied by dredging native sand from just offshore and placing it on and near the beach. This added sand creates a healthier beach and provides storm damage protection to properties and infrastructure.

While the world-famous beaches of the Emerald Coast are relatively stable, this sugar-white paradise has needed a little help recovering from recent hurricanes. (Online) you can view a short video of a newly completed beach restoration project in Destin. The next time you visit, see if you can tell that this area has been restored. Chances are, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Yay! It’s time to book those easy flights in to Pensacola International Airport, just 3 nautical miles from the beach. Check out the flight connections on American, Delta, Southwest, United, Frontier, or Silver Airways. Of course driving to Florida from anywhere extends the fun of a family or buddy trip. Any way you get there, enjoy the stretch of 24 miles of powdery beach and of course the golf at nine fabulous courses.