Happy Gilmore Golf Course

“It has the best views in the world.” “It’s the quirkiest course I ever played.” “ I don’t care for it.” “I love it.”

These are the opinions we heard before arriving to play the famous Furry Creek Golf Course in Furry Creek, British Columbia. The journey to get there was part of the fun, driving from Vancouver en route to Whistler for the Fairmont Chateau Invitational along the Sea to Sky Highway. Mountains on the right, Howe Sound on the left makes a busy side-to-side head movement as if watching a tennis match.

A cat and mouse game broke out on the highway with several powerful Porsches flexing their muscles. One would lag back until another pulled up. Then the engine

Furry Creek Hole #9

would rev and with a disparaging glance the race was on. The roar of their engines echoed against the coastal mountains with their lightning speed acceleration. If you want to be one of those girls or boys with Porsche toys, take out your credit card and check out Scenic Rush. If you sign up, beware that BC law allows for impounding the car if caught driving 40km over the speed limit.

What an opening statement Furry Creek Golf’s number one makes setting the stage for dramatic golf with a narrow tree lined fairway from elevated tee box down to the water view. Stately homes are sporadically positioned through the wooded course posing the question, “Shall we stay in the chalet or go to the chateau?” We saw no furry creatures on Furry Creek although there were plenty of yummy black berries calling to the bears. One had recently been seen on number 12.

Hole #9 was the filming spot for the fight scene between Bob Barker and Adam Sandler in the movie Happy Gilmore. A greenside bunker was filled with water for the scene. Behind 10 is a nice view of Defense Islands in the fjord where natives would hide and ambush invaders. Number 14 is a par 3 along the waterfront where you might want to stay and picnic. Seals bop their heads in and out of the water. Sales and marketing manager, Andy our golf partner for the day says that on occasion it is teeming with dolphins or even whales chasing fish. Ryan Cook a former bag boy here found his place among chain saw sculptors and fashioned an eagle statue overlooking the sound behind the tee box. Alongside the green lovers were enjoying the crisp air, blue sky and one another.

According to Hal our Canadian writer pal, when Sean Connery came off the course and was asked about it, he said, “That’s no golf course, it’s an (expletive) obstacle course.” We loved the obstacles. We loved the course.

Furry Creek is just 15 minutes before Squamish, which features a sky ride and a mine tour if you have a little time before proceeding a few more miles to the Fairmont Whistler Chateau for more mountainous thrills.