Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

College kids, not to scare you but summer is almost over.

So while you still can work 40+ hours a week before going back to school and sitting in a classroom, save some money for spring break.

But don’t worry, with Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday you wont have to save much.

Here is how I did it, and about how much I spent.



So, first thing is first, I live in New England. Getting to South Carolina may be a chore. It boiled down to, money. Pay for a plane ticket and get there in a decent amount of time. Or take 12-13 hours to drive there and gas money. For the four of us, gas ended up only being around 50 each. Instead of a few hundred on a plane ticket, never mind getting out clubs shipped. Throw in a little money for food and drink.

Travel: $75

Housing. We got a great deal that included our food, golf and housing. So this expense will include the included meals and the rounds of golf it came with. So when we bought the Wi-Fi for the four days, bought some stuff for the house.

Housing/Golf/Free meals: around $400

Food. The free food wasn’t going to cut it. We are hungry 20 year olds. Let me add, I turned 21 when we were down there, so I will include our bar tabs in this. I mean it is spring break, every college kid likes to unwind a little when going on spring break, especially when you can finally drink (legally). I experienced Chick Fil A for the first time kind of on accident. I got denied a beer at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville because of my paper ID so we left without eating and all. We opted for Chick Fil A.



Food and beer: $150

There were obviously some small expenses here and there like a t-shirt at a place as a memento and other stupid little things.

But for under $800 I had one of the best experiences of my life and played some great golf in the golf capital of the world.

Did it suck driving? Kind of, but the site seeing was part of the experience.

I would recommend this trip to every college kid looking to not break the bank on spring break and play a little golf.

Oh yah, with multiple colleges all around the bar scene is great, don’t worry about that.