Swim, Snorkel and Golf For Your Next Vacation!

If you like swimming with colorful parrotfish, Bermuda is the place to snorkel. Chris’ team members, Keira and Dana at Dive Bermuda on the Fairmont Southampton beach share the life cycle of a parrotfish’s changing colors. We spotted them splashing in pastel blue and green and red and yellow hues. Captain Mark commandeered the dive boat to The Breakers, famous for the iconic image of Jaqueline Bisset in the movie The Deep. The depth for divers on the trip was 30 feet, legal for refresher dives and beginners.

Snorkeling above was like hovering in an aquarium. The underwater plant life was as vibrant as the fish, enormous purple fans waving in the current with an army of yellow, black and white striped sergeant majors darting in and out. It makes sense how all the island homes reflect the same bright colors of the water world. Actually, the snorkeling within Fairmont’s beach cove is entertaining enough with the brightest specimens and relic cannons.



The Fairmont’s Turtle Hill Golf Course (perhaps the best par 3 course in the world) was busy during the America’s Cup Race where Larry Ellison’s Oracle Team USA is the defending champ. We wondered if Mr. Ellison would snorkel here or at his own Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay perched above Holo’poe Bay where the coral ravines make it the Grand Canyon of snorkeling. Go on your own or let Tuma lead the snorkel safari. He dives and scouts for creatures of the deep, surfacing with an urchin or sea cucumber, pointing out kaleidoscopic fish, the biggest eel we’ve ever seen, a beautiful sea bass, and his very colorful and edible “Hawaiian Dream Fish.”

Jack Nicklaus designed The Manele Golf Course where Bill and Melinda Gates chose the 12th tee box for their matrimonial site and vow renewals. It is a magnificent Cliffside par 3 with crashing waves. The entire course is an island climb of prime vantage points. Each hole takes you back and forth along the coast, rising and falling on the hilly terrain with ocean views and whale sightings to distract from the game.


Manele Golf Course

Jacques Cousteau proclaimed the area of Danzante Bay in the Islands of Loreto, Baja Peninsula, Mexico as the aquarium of the sea. 40% of the marine life in the world can be found in these crystal clear waters. At the Villa de Palmar Resort, Zodiac Adventures zoom around several island spots teeming with puffer fish, eels, manta rays, and an abundance of starfish.

Pair the sea safari with Rees Jones’ incredible ocean golf course. Still in the finishing stages, 11 holes are absolutely stunning and a blast to play! The pinnacle of the course is the 17th Par 3 high above the sea. The small green juts out on a rocky peninsula with steep chasms between the tee and landing area. A bunker generously guards three sides of the green and doubles as a fall prevention border over the high cliff. Drive too far and you’re diving for Titleist. Too short and forget it. Reload. This is a wow hole with a bird’s eye view of the Sea of Cortez.

Snorkel and golf combine for unforgettable vacations.