Have Fun and Save Some Money, Too.

Every college kid loves vacation. You get to college in the fall and count down the days until Thanksgiving break. When you get back from that you count down the days until Christmas break. But that whole time you are counting down the days until the ultimate break, spring break.

Cancun, Miami, the list goes on of popular spring break locations for the average college kid looking to let loose.

But what if you’re on a budget, like most college kids, and you want to get out and play some golf for the week.

Spring Break

Living on a budget during spring break

Here is the ultimate guide of spring break locations for college kids who want to have fun on a budget, and swing the sticks all at the same time.

Myrtle Beach: It isn’t the golf capital of the world for no reason. This place is loaded with golf courses. If you google golf trips to Myrtle Beach on google you could spend hours looking through them all. The amount of packages is unreal, and they are a great value. 100-plus golf courses all within the Myrtle Beach area you can play so many courses of all shapes and sizes. And the added bonus is you are right next to a spring break hot spot. This may be the number one spring break location.

Spring Break

Myrtle Beach Ocean Club

San Diego: If you got a little extra money, try San Diego. Home of the famed Torrey Pines, which wont be cheap, but if you got the money it is well worth it. The home of around 90 golf courses in the area you won’t be struggling to find a course in your budget. And San Diego isn’t a dump, you and your buddies can stay in a pretty nice area play cheap golf and enjoy your spring break like every other stereotypical college kid. Obviously, if you’re in the New England area, the flight or drive may be a hassle, so San Diego might not be for you.

Spring Break

Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego

Tampa/St. Petersburg: With all the courses within this area, tee times can be found for relatively cheap. You’re also close to the beach, a spot that girls usually migrate to on spring break. With villas and cheap hotels everywhere you and the boys can play some great golf courses and on a pretty cheap budget. Great golf courses and great golf don’t always go together, if you’re in the New England area and you’re heading south for spring break, your game is sure to be a little rusty.

Spring Break

Tampa Beaches

Ocean City: Depending on when your spring break is, it may be a little chilly here so the later your spring break is the better this will be. But you’re right near the ocean, hence Ocean City, and around 20 golf courses in the area makes Ocean City a great destination for a golfer on a budget still looking to have fun. To be honest you could play golf over spring break without leaving your hometown, but simulators aren’t the same as the real thing. Also drivable to Baltimore, D.C and Philadelphia you wont struggle to find a golf course.

Spring Break

Ocean City, MD

Just a few of the best locations, but for the money these are the cream of the crop.

March 12th is the start of my spring break and a group of four of my friends and I are headed to Myrtle Beach. When we found the package online, we thought it was a mistake because how cheap it was. The golf capital of the world for under 500 dollars all together? You can’t beat that. Be on the lookout for course reviews and maybe a few on course videos coming in March.

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