Lakeside Course in Stillwater

The Lakeside Course in Stillwater, Oklahoma was home to the OSU teams prior to Karsten. It produced many all Americans and PGA Pros and is now home to Rickie Fowler wannabe cowboys and cowgirls, orange pokes if you will. Amy Daniel was concluding one junior camp with popsicles as another approached the clubhouse, mini golf bags in tow. It is the go to course for locals and especially students who receive discounts. Gently rolling hills are interspersed with brooks and ponds. The large practice green and driving range face the town’s emblazoned water tower.

The course greens are soft on this enjoyable, laid back and reasonably priced track. In the summer heat, Lakeside has many trees so you have it made in the shade serenaded by songbirds as scissor tail fly catchers flit about.


We joined our nephew Brady there for his bachelor round. He fell in love with his beautiful bride Tanna at OSU. As equipment manager, he gave us the stadium tour of T. Boone Pickens’ premier athletic facility and his friend Pistol Pete stole the show for a period at the wedding reception, six guns a blazing.

The wedding rehearsal played out in the college park with a pizza party at Hideaways across the street before hitting the Strip, famous for Eskimo Joe’s. We all headed to Copper Penny for a limey, comparable to a boozy jolly rancher or slushie. Pick your fruity flavor. One will do you. Willie’s on the next corner is where Garth Brooks got his start as a college student. The bar was the inspiration for his song, “Friends in Low Places,” to which we rocked the dance floor during the reception at the Sparrow.

This is the heartland where a bible is gifted to the groom. Wedding participants visit a local ranch, Alcott’s tractor store, a motorcycle museum or head north to visit The Pioneer Woman. Next time through, Karsten and the Patriot are on our must play list. Stillwater runs deep.