104Develop, and embrace, every aspect of your golf game at Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Not hitting those four-foot putts on a consistent basis? Slicing the ball so far that it’s beginning to orbit completely around your body?

Well, you can keep going to the driving range/putting green and swinging your clubs until your fingers turn into blisters, or, better yet, you can venture to Club Med Sandpiper Bay.

The all-inclusive resort, located in Port St. Lucie, Fla., will give you everything you need to up your golf game – from the physical to the mental to the rehabilitative facets. Here’s how to experience it all below.

The Mental Preparation

Before you head out to the course, take a mind coaching class with Tim Kremer of Spirit of Golf. The company has a strong presence on the Club Med campus – training student-athletes at the resort’s full-fledged sporting academies. One of the program’s junior members recently qualified for entrance to the U.S. Open. Kremer will help you deal with failure on the course and get you in a confident, can-do attitude before tee-time. It’ll be a sports mental help talk that you wish you had when you were in middle or high school. Then maybe you, too, would have been qualifying for a spot on the PGA Tour.

100Healthy Living

Along with mental prep, the resort also offers specific packages that take care of the nutritional and fitness aspects of your overall athletic makeup. Experts will give lectures on what fruits and grains to start your day with, and what greasy, fat-laden products to avoid. Sorry, guys, no bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. The staff will even take you along the wonderfully-diverse Marketplace buffet, picking and choosing what dishes best help serve a low-fat, protein-building diet. Daily fitness classes are also available, as well as training programs in the state-of-the-art gym.

The Course

Sitting just off the Port St. Lucie River, the 18-hole, Par 70 course was built by David Wallace in 1963. Not containing too many hazards or deep rough, Sandpiper Bay Golf Course is the perfect place to hone your game. And to help you practice as many times as you want, the resort is offering free (yes, FREE) golf all summer long in 2016. From May 1 through October 31, guests 18 and older can enjoy free green fees and group lessons. Free golf is always the best kind of golf.


After a long day out on the course, stressing over every shot and every Floridian palm tree selfie you should or shouldn’t Instagram, what is one to do? One must spa, of course. Therapists at The Club Med Spa by L’Occitane (the only L’Occitane location in the U.S.) will work out all of those kinks in your back and shoulders, readying your for another round of 18 the next day. Start off by having your feet moisturized in a warm water bath, get a full-bodied, deep tissue 60-minute massage and then enjoy a cool glass of tea in the spa’s Zen Garden. Hang out there for the rest of the day. Shut off your phone. Take a nap. You’re on vacation. There’s nobody you need to talk to.


Remember again: Club Med at Sandpiper Bay is all-inclusive, so it’s best that you take full advantage. There are four pools to relax in (including an adults-only infinity watering hole with delicious margaritas) and three incredible dining establishments serving locally-caught seafood, Asian-inspired cuisine, Caribbean flavors and everything else you could ever want. (If you need a break from all of the healthy eating, the Marketplace has a chocolate cake/soft-serve ice cream dessert that you’ll never taste the likes of again.)

Try, if you can, to get a ground-level room right on the banks of the river. Not only will you have a wonderful view of the sunset setting over the horizon every evening, but you’ll also be close to the beach and all of the water activities available to visitors. Paddle-boarding, sailboat lessons and waterskiing can all be launched directly from the beachfront. The latter will also be completely free from July 1 through August 31 of this year. If you’d rather be on land, Club Med offers tennis, professional grade beach volleyball courts and, if you’re brave enough, a flying trapeze and circus school. Experts will show you how to swing on the bar (from your legs!) on the ground and then you’ll climb the 20-25 feet to try the real thing. You may be terrified before you take the leap, but once you’re finished, you’ll be glad you did it.

So, stop swinging your driver over and over again with little results. Salvage your game and pack up your bags. A dream golf vacation awaits.