As the sun rises, Quivira golfers warm up watching the Cabo armada of fishing boats speed out to sea in hopes of catching the largest marlin or tastiest tuna. Energy is boosted by coffee and fresh burritos served on the range. The vistas from the first three tee boxes are similar to Arizona’s beautiful Sonoran landscape except for the backward glance to the ocean. #4 returns to the coast before the long curvy mountain climb of 275 feet to number 5. It seems almost endless before reaching the top of the granite cliffs where the first of several interspersed Comfort Stations provides a break and a spectacular view, preparing you for two of the most talked about holes in Cabo and perhaps the world. The par 4, 5th is not for the faint of heart.

Tee Box #5 at the Quivira Gold Club

Tee Box #5 at the Quivira Golf Club and Resort

From the elevated tips, the only visible point of the layout is a postage stamp green way below, jutting over the water. Going for it requires a 290+ drive that must precisely land on the emerald gem or side bunker. Anything left is fodder for seals. Even the forward tees, which are always generously positioned, are extremely challenging here. Layups do not minimize risk due to the narrow side sloping airway and tall grasses where Cascabels (rattlesnakes) lurk. El Diablo must have influenced Nicklaus on this hole. While not a favorite of golf purists, they still want to tackle it over and over.

As seen in the movie “Troy,” the old lighthouse with a Sandoval love story dominates the southern most tip of Cabo as a new lighthouse beacons high above. Beyond is the Oasis, another “Comfort Station” which makes English travelers giggle, since their connotation is a house of ill repute. Here it is most reputable doling out regional dishes.

Every hole has a Pacific Ocean view but some are simply extraordinary, like greenside of number 12 after the roller coaster romp to get there and the very short 13, par 3 over a chasm. Waves crash against the rocks below as the wind roars against your face creating sheer terror and exhilaration at the same time while colorful butterflies flit like they found their mecca at Quivira. Culminating with panoramic closing holes, Jack Nicklaus outdid himself. He says that Quivira is one of his finest designs ever created. We concur!

Comfort Station at the

Comfort Station at the Quivira Golf Club and Resort

Quivira shares a 3+-mile stretch of private golden beach with two of the four all- inclusive Pueblo Bonito hotels featuring exquisite cuisine in all venues. We miss our daily dose of ceviche and sea bass. The Pacifica Hotel is for adults only where poolside you can have a dirty monkey (chocolaty rum drink) but you can’t have a dirty screen. The friendly concierge cleans all devices as part of their attentive service. An optional torch lit dinner on the beach followed by private time in a king size canopy draped swinging bed to the tune of harmonic wave crashing is a favorite of new and longtime lovers.

When you hear thunder don’t worry, it is really the Pacific pounding against the thick sand, too forcefully for safe swimming. Sea turtles however have no problem surfing up on shore to lay their 100 eggs. Only 1 in 1000 babies normally survive but relocating the eggs to “nurseries” along the coast improves chances. The Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos and Rose’ Hotels near downtown Cabo are the place for ocean swimmers and shuttles transport between all Pueblo Bonito properties, extending the all inclusive amenities. Cabo Adventures provide luxury excursions for fishing, dolphin watching, snorkeling, diving and more. Our sailing voyage aboard their 50’ yacht was most relaxing as we passed by the famous arch and lover’s beach. Champagne, cocktails and an elaborate lunch are served.

A Cabo Welcome from the Quivira Golf Club and Resort

A Cabo Welcome from the Quivira Golf Club and Resort

On shore, shops sell the normal tchotchkes and unique artisan gifts like hand blown glassware. Colorful glass hearts sparkle in trees throughout the Pueblo Bonita Resorts so we picked up a few to hang in our tree, a loving reminder of Quivira. Watching artisans blow, burn and shape their crafts is impressive at the Glass Factory.

One warning when returning – do not attempt to carry on golf balls. They will be confiscated as “dangerous, given their density and could be used as weapons.” In checked luggage they are fine. They stole our balls but they didn’t steal our hearts. Quivira Golf Club did that. We absolutely love the Jack Nicklaus design, exclusively for Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts and Spa guests and “The Good Life” community residents.