For everyone that loves the game of golf the ultimate dream is to live where you play. For many it means a home right here in New England and for others it’s a place to escape the cold northern winters in Florida or beyond. Like every journey in life, it begins with first step and that is visiting properties that fit your own criteria.

A few years back I looked at a home located on a private club in Eastern Massachusetts that was a great house. To this day I wish I bought that property, it is now worth double what they were asking only 10 years ago. There is more to choose from in southern states and in Florida where thousands of golf courses and golf course communities offer endless choices at almost every price point. It is a little more of a challenge here in New England home cost are higher and inventories are low. Investment wise you will average much higher gains in the long run in the northeast of golf course home in a much less volatile market.

There are wonderful golf course communities throughout New England to choose from that offer all levels of amenities to suit your individual needs. Price points are in line with many developments that do not offer golf. It is a buyers market right now so in many facilities builders are offering great deals and added value especially on new homes. Golf Courses are great neighbors and 100+ acres of well maintained park like property abutting your home creates a wonderful environment for living and enjoying the great game of golf.

Private golf course membership has become much more affordable in the last 10 years with many facilities offering all types of flexible categories of membership at their clubs. It is never too late to take up the game and golf offers great exercise for those that enjoy walking. The average golfer can walk up to five miles during an 18 hole round. If you dream of living on golf course then take the first step to that dream. It’s never been a better time to buy with low rates and great amenities being offered as incentives.