Will Bell Bottoms Return

It was an ugly sweater party of all places where fashion discourse turned to the revelation and wonder that bell-bottoms are back. Really? Will we all be starring in the virtual 70‘s show? Did anyone save a favorite pair just hoping they would return decades later? Thirty-somethings are currently googling for and goggling over Ditto jeans in particular, just in case you have them hidden and need a fast buck. There are hosts of clothing consignment urls for posts of your apparel for profit, far beyond the eBay of old.

Not to digress, what about golf pants? Are bell bottoms a good retro idea on the golf course? Wide bottom legged pants did look very attractive on Jack Nicklaus in the 70s didn’t they? Remember how bright his clothes were and how long his hair? Back then he had a deal with Hathaway and loved paisley shirts, boosting their sales. Now he has his own clothing line.



Many brands are profusely reintroducing paisley and bias binding to the golf fashion scene but bell bottoms? They are not really the best performance design for a golf swing. Bright colors and patterns of that era have returned however. Brilliant greens and magentas are common. In addition to paisley, the retro hounds tooth print is appearing to be very popular in ladies pants and men’s trousers. These traditional patterns of old have also led the way to Loudmouth designs of every imaginable graphic, exploding on the golf scene like emojis on screens.

When it comes to trousers, we’ve gone from broad legs to regular and ultra skinny. Save the bells to ring on your golf bike when you get a birdie. Now, there is another reason extra fabric would not be optimal on golf pants. It might catch in the spokes or chain if you are riding your very fun golf bike around the course. No, bell bottoms will not likely reappear in the pro shops any time soon but then you never know.