2016 brought us some of the best… and worst fashion on the links we’ve seen. From the PGA Tour to the LPGA Tour and even the PGA Tour Champions. We picked our favorite and least favorite athletes wardrobes of last year. We’ll start with the good.

Rickie Fowler: Fowler has revolutionized on-course fashion. In a way the millennials and young golf fans are thankful for. Fowler has brought jogger pants and high top shoes to the links. The pants are popular among younger people because they are tight at the bottom and show off your shoes. So, if you wear these on a golf course, you have to have cool shoes. So Puma and Fowler released high top golf spikes to go with the joggers. Not to mention his clean and simple polos, Fowler is one of the best “new school” dressed golfers on tour.

Smylie Kaufman: The former LSU Tiger keeps it clean and simple on the links. He is signed with Ralph Lauren and is seen in vibrant simple polos with bright pants to compliment that. He is also seen sporting his alma maters purple and yellow more often than not. One of the most active PGA Tour players on social media is one of the best dressed players on Tour. Maybe in 2017 he can tie that all together and earn a win.

Justin Thomas: Another golfer dressed in Ralph Lauren, but he has a bit more bold wardrobe. He’s often golfing in a Titleist hat, Ralph Lauren polo, bright patterned pants and oxford style spikes. His crazy pants alone propelled him onto the list of best dressed in 2016.

Michelle Wie: The Nike golfer has always been one of the best dressed on the LPGA Tour. Like Fowler, Wie brought high top cleats to the scene this season sporting bright pink and camo cleats, even metallic gold Nike cleats this season. She keeps the clothing simple with basic tones and simple patterns and sometime adds in leggings under her skirts. Sometimes simpler looks better.

Billy Horschel: Saved the best for last, Horschel takes the crown as 2016’s best dressed golfer. Yet another Ralph Lauren golfer to make this list, Horschel does it the best. He caught everyone’s eye at Augusta in April when he played in a white PXG hat, a pink polo and green pants that had leaf patterns and even flamingos all over them. He goes into 2017 with some big expectations. One can only imagine what he’ll be wearing this season, but hopefully whatever he wears, it will help him get a win finally. His last win came in 2014.

Now we have looked at the best dressed players of 2016, let’s look at the golfers that were hard to look at in 2016.

John Daly: Daly’s bold style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, including mine. The owner of Loudmouth Golf apparel isn’t afraid to model his company’s pants. The pants range from simple designs while he stunts a polo to match all the way to pants covered in cocktail glasses or even white pants with pineapples all over them. He’s on the worst list becuase he rarely stunts a hat and his hair is rough to say the least. He rarely wears patterned or even colored polos and his 5 dollar men’s league softball sunglasses belong in the nearest water hazard.
Jesper Parnevik: His hat is about all that needs to be talked about with him. The Senior Tour player also likes to rock polos a few sizes small. But the hat is just god awful.

Ian Poulter: You may recognize Poulter becuase of his gelled Mohawk that looks similar to the one you rocked in your 3rd grade school picture. It’s even more noticeable with his visor on. Often wearing ugly colored polos that have more advertisements on them than a NASCAR car.

Bryson DeChambeau: Another golfer that made the list solely becuase of his hat. It’s a bit of an old school touch but it really done well. I would love to see him wrap his whole outfit into the hat. He wears newer looking polos and pants that would go great with a simple golf hat but he wears that stupid hat. It doesn’t seem like he’s going away from it as he is making it apart of his brand in a sense. Maybe if he wins this year it will make it a bit more bareable.

Ariya Jutanugarn: One of the most dominate female golfers of 2016 has a pretty bland wardrobe. Usually golfing in plain colored polos with a long sleeve under it to match. Occasionally wearing a colored or patterned skirt her outfits are on the opposite spectrum of her golf game.

With 2016 in the rear view mirror 2017 looks to be a good one for golf. The golf fashion world continues to evolve to suit the young generation of golfers. Maybe next we will see shorts allowed on Tour.