Airlines are Implementing Tighter Restrictions

The airlines are implementing tighter restrictions relative to size and weight of luggage, in particular, golf travel bags.

Here are some suggestions to keep that golf bag light and in compliance when checking it in.

Bag Tags! I know they reflect your favorite golf excursions, but some of these tags are made of heavy medal adding a lot of extra weight that you don’t need on the bag. Trust me, you are not impressing the bag boy. I suggest that you take all of the bag tags off and start perhaps a wall of fame with them. Also, when your golf vacation will include a cart instead of walking and carrying the bag, remove the carry straps off the golf bag before putting it in your travel bag. This will free up space inside for extra clothes, shoes, rain gear or toiletries.


Next, take a look at your ball count. You shouldn’t need to carry three dozen golf balls on your next round. If you do, try taking a lesson instead! Two sleeves should be adequate and you can always buy some logoed ones from your destination or go shopping in their lakes and out of bounds. The same goes for tees and markers. A dozen tees and one or two markers should suffice.

Now let’s talk about personality! Multiple head covers might make a statement about yourself and that’s fine at your local club, but your caddie on the road won’t care and they add weight and bulk in the luggage. One should keep the driver from clanging and banging around inside the bag. Weave a towel in between the rest. And it doesn’t need to be that double towel that you won in the club raffle.

This might make you feel like those bare naked tees that you love, but not being charged an extra half Benjamin is well worth the effort. Remember, souvenirs cause more weight on the return so pack less when departing.

Travel light and travel often!