Our Surgeons Should Be Our Tailors

As 62-year-old Christie Brinkley frolics with amazing youthful form in the Swimwear Issue of Sports Illustrated, the world is abuzz about how she looks so good and wondering what is her secret?

Nip and Tuck

Model Christine Brinkley

Not to diminish her faithful dietary, exercise and hygiene regimens with all of the right creams, the element of nip and tuck not to mention the injection of facial fillers are critical to her rejuvenation according to beauty experts and tabloids.

Nip and Tuck Is A Hit Or Miss

Nip and tuck is a hit or miss deal. The risks of such procedures and compounds are great while the rewards are short-lived and sometimes gruesome. Ah, to accept aging gracefully, to own the little laugh lines and keep on smiling – that is a challenge.

A safe nip and tuck option however that many ignore, pertains to our apparel and the surgeons are tailors. I have the top of the line.

Nip and Tuck

Tailor your clothes

My Giovanna comes from a long line of Sicilian tailors. When she immigrated to New York City, she lent her skills to the best fashion designers back in the day. She sewed samples for Dana Buchman and Liz Claiborne earning an income and benefits so her husband could run his pizza store in Brooklyn. Today Giovanna resides in her Arizona home alone, a block away, serving as seamstress for prom gowns or tiny alterations.

It can be difficult to find perfect fits off the rack when all our bodies are different and brand sizing is as diverse. If you find a fabric or design you love but there is one little thing wrong, consider nip and tuck. If the armhole is too big on a sleeveless top, it is easy to fix.

Giovanna has tacked down an unruly stiff collar on a golf dress, made darts in the back or front for a better flow and hemmed many items, transplanting logos. I grew up making, even designing some of my own clothes and I still sew a bit but I prefer to give the business to my 85-year-old friend who makes sure if I left a garment with pins, that she returns them. Sicilians believe it is bad luck to keep another’s pins.

If you don’t have a Giovanna in your neighborhood, check with your local dry cleaner or a Joann’s Fabric store for a tailor. Keep the contact handy right next to your doctor. Go ahead, nip and tuck for the right fit.