Ship Your Golf Clubs: Convenience Worth Extra Cost

If you’re tired of schlepping golf clubs through airports, rental-car centers and hotel lobbies, help has arrived.

ShipSticks is a rapidly growing company that will ship your golf clubs door to door from your home or office directly to a golf course, hotel, resort or any other address you designate.

Cost? Details in a moment, but the short answer is: less than what you’d pay to ship your golf clubs yourself via UPS or FedEx, and a little bit more than what most airlines charge for a first or second checked bag. The real value lies in the freedom to waltz through airports with carry-on luggage only.

ShipSticks has bulk rates with both FedEx and UPS. Both services would require you to box your clubs, insist on selling you a cardboard box or charge you extra for shipping them without a box. But for a ShipSticks shipment, they’ll accept an un-boxed, hard-sided golf travel case or even the wheeled version of a soft Club Glove travel cover.

If want or need the protection of a cardboard box, ShipSticks will connect you with a golf club in your area where you can get one of their boxes at no cost or even have one delivered to you.

While Southwest Airlines has no first- or second-bag fees, most airlines charge $20 to $33 for the first bag, and $20 to $35 for the second bag. A third bag can set you back anywhere from $50 to $150.

By contrast, ShipSticks charges $39 to $59 one-way for four-day service  between many U.S. cities. For a lot more money, they’ll ship golf clubs overnight. But with a little advance planning, you can enjoy the company’s lowest rates.

The company offers firm pickup and delivery dates, plus online tracking. All rates include $1,000 in coverage for loss or damage, and $200 in free “consequential insurance” – a fancy term that means they’ll cover the cost of rental clubs if your bag arrives late.

Here are some detailed cost examples:

  • Between Boston and Miami, the three-day rate is $49 one way.
  • Between Chicago and Scottsdale, the three-day rate is $59 one way.
  • Between Albuquerque and  Scottsdale, the two-day rate is $39 one way.
  • Between Seattle and San Diego, the three-day rate is $49 one way.
  • Between New York City and Palm Beach, the three-day rate is $49 one way.

Keep that in mind the next time you need to bug out for the nearest sun-soaked fairway, which is probably … what time is it now?