Well it is winter time and most of you avid golfers are headed south for the winter.

Not just because the cold… lets say stinks for a lack of a better term.
But you want to golf as much as possible.

Here are your three options for your coveted golf clubs when traveling.
Pick wisely, think about the situation.

Ship: Shipping your golf clubs has become easier and easier throughout the years. Companies have been formed for this sole purpose. So the cost effectiveness has become a lot better for many people. Shipping golf clubs 20 years ago was a lot more expensive. Why ship though? A good reason to ship your sticks is for an extended stay. If you’re going to be in Florida all winter, you want you clubs so shipping them seems like a no brainer. If you are a member at a golf course that stores your bag for you, this makes it also a lot easier. You can call the pro shop, and they do virtually all the work, you show up to your course in Florida and boom. You are ready for your tee time.
Rent: This is a very practical way of playing golf when you are away. No worries about your clubs being broken somehow, and no hassle. You show up to the course, pay a little extra and have a nice set of clubs to use for the day. There is some obvious benefits, and some obvious negatives to this. The negatives are pretty obvious. You don’t get to hit your own clubs so for the first couple of holes it may take some shots to get used to them. Another isn’t quite a negative, more a logistics decision. If you’re going somewhere for longer than about four days, you probably shouldn’t rent. It is going to get pricey and not having your own clubs will suck. So if you’re going away for awhile or the whole season, don’t rent.
Check: If you are a worry freak who cant have anything in the unknown. Do this. Buy yourself a nice hard case for your clubs and check the bag in. this can be risky as even PGA Tour players have reported in just the last year that their clubs have been broken in transit. So travel with the hope your driver will be in one piece once you get to your destination.

Traveling is fun, don’t make bringing your clubs a hassle.
Make the right choice for you.