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2Undr Boxer Briefs


Grandparents used to advise, “Remember the importance of a good foundation.” It referred to solid home construction, to values and why not, to apparel and fashion? For men that means supportive undies, for women bras. There was representation for both at the PGA Merchandise show. In fact, the 2Undr booth was one of the busiest on the floor as they doled out samples. By Friday their walls were bare but male butts were well covered. A kangaroo styled Joey pouch was engineered to position “assets” and thereby eliminates the discomfort of shifting and unwanted skin-on-skin contact. One lady attested, “My son says WHEN he wears underwear, it is always 2Undr.” www.2undr.com


Kentwool Grey Boxers

Kentwool made their entrée into the foundation world with boxer briefs. Known for their Merino wool, 100% made in South Carolina since 1843, who would have thought that it would be the textile of choice for the most sensitive area? But yes, it is so soft and breathable they offer a lifetime Chafe Free Guarantee. What else can be said for keeping the boys happy? www.kentwool.com



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Zensah Gazelle Sports Bra

Females looking for support for the sisters need look no further than Zensah. I have worn their compression socks on flights hoping for blood clot prevention. Now I snagged their Gazelle Sports Bra in hopes of delaying the sagging that naturally occurs with age, Newton’s theory of gravity and bouncing. The last item (the only controllable one) is mitigated with the Gazelle Sports Bra. Springing around the track never felt so comfortable. As for golf, the Zensah bra provides compression without feeling like you’re having a mammogram and for those with a larger endowment this compression can smooth the golf swing. The bra answers the question of positioning the arm over, under or across and I’m told it still looks flattering beneath the latest golf style tops due to the seamless separation design. It too is made, yay, in the USA. www.zensah.com




Other boutique athletic apparel companies hung sports bras on their racks at the show while FlirTee, a new young sexy line out of Oklahoma has built in bras to their rather skimpy tops. Will the professional pointed collars make them OK on the course? It probably depends on who is wearing them. They noted that, “a skeptical gal in her mid 60s took a few pieces to try on and wrote an order.” These gals are as cute and convincing as Oklahoma’s Carrie Underwood. Maybe it’s time to inventory your underwear for a good foundation. www.flirteegolf.com