Customize Antigua Shirts With Your Company’s Logo!

When you receive a beautiful golf shirt with 3 different logos at an event, do you ever consider what goes into that production and delivery? A recent media tour of Antigua headquarters in Peoria, Arizona enlightened many.

First there is the design process, which begins years ahead of marketing. His and hers patterns and color schemes by the years line the walls of the design room where


Women’s Exceed styled shirt

Ron McPherson’s team collaborates. Women’s Exceed style in the Essential line has been succeeding since 2011. Several staples carry over for years because they work so well while new designs are introduced each season. This year graphics are the rage.

Customization of shirts with logo designs involves digitizing the logo, picking the thread colors and determining best placements. Logos are kept on file for future orders. Antigua works with 800 new logos per month.

Inventory control is any retail executive’s nemesis. Customers always prefer more choices but have limited floor space so stock takes up warehouse space. Planning is especially tricky for licensed sportswear as major events approach. Take the Super Bowl for example. Many apparel pieces might be prepared ahead of time anticipating a Vikings win and then trashed if they lose. Actually Antigua would never trash an item.

They have their own retail store with discounted pricing for excess inventory and they donate items to charity groups including veteran organizations and World Vision, which clothes the needy in Africa. Experience pays off. Ron McPherson noted that when the Ravens surprised the industry with their win, Antigua had lots of purple in inventory to rush through the logo process. Now his rule is, “no machine starts until the gun sounds with the actual winner.”

The machines referred to are six head industrial sewing machines with 15 needles that are programmed to hum and hammer out the quality logos in just the right positions with efficient speed.

Distribution from the warehouse to customers is the next step. There is a reason for the “big brown” commercial that touts, “there is no crying in shipping.” It is no big deal for Antigua. They have it all down to a science. Everyone is particularly busy during the holiday season since Antigua supplies to Fanatics and Dick’s Sporting Goods in addition to all the green grass pro shops. The dot com business has really exploded stretching fulfillment requirements. No worries. Employees in all departments at Antigua sense a team spirit and have a singular focus of being the best in the industry.