Yes, April showers bring Mayflowers as well as apparel and accessories to cope on the course. As long as it’s not snowing, right? There are so many stylish ways to stay dry. To kick off April, here is a running summary of rain gear to love playing golf in the rain.
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Gustbuster is the best umbrella to do as the name says. In fact they claim to be the smartest umbrella on the market and were thrilled to shelter Donald Trump and Chris Christie under their stars and stripes design on blustery spring campaign days.

Hold on to that umbrella when the clouds break loose and hang on to your slippery club with Hirzl all weather gloves or the new Caddy Daddy Talon glove. Get a grip. Dry off with towels, plenty of towels. Does it really matter whose? Probably not but it’s fun to show off your team or club spirit with a logo you love or look chichi by color matching your golf bag.  

Traditionally Sunice has been so nice to carry for protection from misty little raindrops to torrential storms with waterproof pants, jackets and bucket hats. Their line expanded over the years to include polos and bottoms.

Meanwhile traditional golf apparel companies have added weather proof or rain resistant wear, like Antigua’s water resistant Leader or Tempest golf jackets. Antigua’s bright color options almost feel like the sun is shining.

Sun Mountain’s Rainflex is waterproof, stretchy, lightweight and easy to pack but I just can’t ever mention this company without touting their Clubglider, the travel bag for clubs that make transport as easy as a single finger push through the airport.

Rain Girl is brand new with half sleeve rain slickers and skirts for warm climate rain; think Florida, Hawaii, Bahamas and come on pretty mamas, her rain hat is unique in that it will fit over a visor. With or without, it doesn’t flip or flop because of the clever drawstring clamp that cinches to just the right size. Kathy Nyman, aka Rain Girl was hawking her wares at the very back of the PGA show, brought to my attention by the gals at Ladyskinz who keep your legs warm. Kathy was so peppy in presenting her new line that I am pretty sure rain will never get her down. Currently in black,  pink and blue at

All images courtesy of the manufacturer.