ArccosScreens_600x500Shot tracking during a round has become the latest application of technology to the game and is easily used by all golfers. The system developed by Arccos Golf clearly has some advantages with the most apparent being it does not require an alteration to the user’s pre-shot routine as some competing systems do.Arccos_640x480_slim

Arccos’ uses a sensor screwed into the little hole at the butt end of the grip to detect impact of the club with the ball so practice swings don’t register and shot data is sent via Bluetooth to your phone while the GPS feature measures exact distances not to mention where the ball lands.

Stats are instantly available and when the eighteen is completed analysis of fairways hit, putts, missed fairways (right or left) and other information is computed and ready for a post mortem. Plus, the software also has other neat features such as allowing competition between friends.

Cost of the system with 14 sensors is $300 but a single sensor package, called the Driver for use just on the driver will soon hit the market for a reported $79. Think of it as an introduction to the Arccos system so golfers can see the advantages for their game without having to start off paying the full system price.