ROGERS, AR – Big and tall men have long plagued with finding good-looking, nice-fitting golf clothes. Sometimes the sleeves and shirts are just too short. But thanks to four-year-old company Aveo, they have you covered… literally.

Created and designed by big and tall golfers Darius Hicks and Randy Peaches, Aveo clothing meets the unique needs of oversized golfers. In addition, both brand founders understand the shortcomings of the current retail offerings.

“Other apparel manufactures simply expand the waistline to fit larger sizes, but they ignore the fact that our bodies are just made up differently,” says Hicks. “They assume the body proportion ratios of a 150- pound, size 34 waist man are the same as a 280-pound, size 44 man. And that is just inaccurate. Big and tall men can have longer torsos, larger thighs, a broader back, or wider shoulders, and Aveo is designed to handle all of that while still fitting and looking good. Our apparel actually fits guys without looking like a toga or making them look like Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob Squarepants.”

aveo flat front shorts

Fashion Forward Flat Front Shorts – Navy

For 2016, Aveo has debuted both men’s bottoms and tops. The bottoms — both trousers and shorts — blend the right mix of polyester and rayon, providing all necessary performance attributes while remaining soft, durable and flexible — all with the perfect drape for a big and tall body. Our bottoms are designed with more thigh room, to accommodate stronger legs. Each pair of Aveo slacks is created with less taper than typical off-the-rack pants. This reduces the emphasis on the waist and immediately slims our golfers’ sideview appearance. The comfort flex waistband provides approximately two inches of extra waist room, allowing our man to grow while we grow with him. We want golfers to buy all the Aveo they need without needing to buy after every holiday meal. Our flat front pants are designed to minimize the pocket flare and stretch lines that keep most big and tall men from wearing flat pants. And the rise in our pants and shorts has recently been elongated based on feedback (yes, we do listen to customers!), to allow even more room for our man to swing through the ball comfortably.

Hero Short Sleeve Polo - Red

Hero Short Sleeve Polo – Red

Aveo shirts are made with a proprietary polyester blend. We want customers to feel comfortable and unique, while being confident that no one else offers what we do. Our shirts are infused with bamboo fiber that add several benefits big and tall men will enjoy. First, bamboo adds a level of durability and strength that polyester simply cannot. It’s also hypoallergenic and supremely soft to the touch. And in addition, it adds high levels of softness and moisture-wicking capabilities. The Hero polo is incredibly light and easily allows bigger guys to wear a t-shirt underneath. Its poly-bamboo composition equates to an extremely breathable shirt. Plus, our Breathe-Rite mesh panels tucked under the armpit and extending down the side provide all the fresh air a golfer will need — not to mention, a slight color contrast that has a cool appearance. Aveo designs provide amazing fabrics, performance extras, and a very slight taper that promotes a better fit than the typical “boxy” big and tall shirt. Plus, our tall versions add a few inches in length, allowing for a great fit in the taller man. The “Play Fearlessly” branding on the bottom hem of all shirts can be a great reminder while tucked in, or it makes a strong statement while untucked. So feel free to untuck and swing away.

Big guys can find Aveo golf clothing at Haggin Oaks, Golfdom stores and online at the websites of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, TGW, Austad’s,, Carl’s Golfland and Golf Town Canada, as well as at To view the apparel and place an order on

About Aveo

Aveo was founded in 2012 by big guys Darius Hicks and Randy Peaches. The company mission is to help other big and tall golfers feel confident and empowered both on and off the course. We want each of our loyalists to embody the “Play Fearlessly” mentality and showcase it in their everyday attitudes. Aveo headquarters is located in Rogers, Arkansas.