The Callaway MD3 Milled Wedges are among the most popular wedges for golfers today. But are you sick of having the same satin chrome finish lob wedge as the other guy at your country club? You also really want that Golf Pride grip on it instead of the standard Callaway one. Look no further than Callaway’s new online feature where you can customize the MD3 wedges.

This new feature lets customers make their new wedge their own.

You pick the color of the paint fill in things such as the number of the loft and bounce on the bottom of the club, color of the lines and grind on the wedge, and the weight ports on the wedge.

Want to be like the tour guys and put a stamp on the back side of your wedge? Now you can with this feature, and it’s only going to cost you 25 dollars at the most. You can do a simple three letter stamp or a 10 letter stamp using the color you wish.

Whether you are looking for a pitching wedge or lob wedge you can get them here. The lofts range from 46 degrees all the way up to 64 degrees with bounces varying from 8 degrees to 12 degrees. Grind options are also available.

Steel shaft or graphite shaft, whatever you prefer, they can tailor your new short game weapon to your needs and wants. They also offer 50+ grips ranging from no additional cost to ten dollars.

So next time you head to your local golf retailer looking for your new wedge, don’t buy the same generic Callaway MD3 wedge 100 other people have bought, go home and get on your computer and have Callaway customize you your next wedge just like you’re a tour player.

And maybe stamp your wives initials on the back so she’s okay with you spending more money on golf.