First Look at Callaway’s New Wedge

If you look down Callaway’s wedges you’ll see the Mack Daddy’s and MD3 which are great wedges but with a pretty small sole and a small face, the high handicapper may turn away and go with an easy to work with wedge like the Cleveland Smart Sole.

Callaway heard the call for a more playable wedge and on March 10th they will be releasing the Callaway Sure Out wedge that was developed with the help of the famous instructor Hank Haney.

It features a bigger head and a massive sole for easy outs. A very cool feature is the 17 grooves are along the entire face, so if you hit it off the toe you’ll still get the shot-stopping spin every player dreams of. It is obviously not going to be the equal spin compared to the center of the face but it is a very forgiving wedge.


Callaway’s Sure Out Wedge

With the added bounce and big sole it makes sand outs the easiest shot you will hit the whole round, making the ball fly high off the club face clearing those annoying lips on bunkers. It also offers versatility to help you on tight lies and green side chips shots out of the rough.

“It’s an incredible club” said Hank Haney in a video debuting the Sure Out Wedge with Callaway’s director of instruction and product performance Randy Peterson.

But this wedge isn’t just for the weekend warrior. Callaway designed the wedge to be playable for the good golf player as well. The camber on the sole is set up so the high-handicapper can hit the ball square, but also the better player can open up the face and hit the shot he prefers.

This wedge is offered in two lofts, 58 and 64. There is also multiple steel and graphite shaft options to cater the wedge to your liking. You can order it on CallawayGolf.com and for only $119.99, it might be worth adding to the bag this spring if you are known to struggle in the sandy areas of the course.