The Pursuit of Perfection

Chase 54, a U.S. based golf apparel brand, is going after their dream of creating the perfect golf apparel line. The 54 in their name refers to the perfect score of 18-under par on a par 72 course, something that is yet to be achieved by a professional in a Tour event. Chase 54’s goal is to provide the best quality and details in their apparel. It’s hard for any golf apparel brand to stand out in such a crowded market, but Chase 54’s attention to detail and pursuit of the perfect clothing line is what really sets them apart.

The Brazilian Pant

How would you imagine the design of a Brazilian Pant? It would be Ipanema snug and curve hugging, right?

Chase 54’s designer found shimmery black material with just the right stretch for a legging type fit. From a distance it might be mistaken for black leather. The elasticity in the waistband allows ease of pulling on and off and staying put while swinging or putting. Dual slanted zippers on each side front are both ornamental and functional.

Chase 54

Brazil Pant

The Brazilian Pant is a multitasking new staple for any trip.

Wear it golfing; top it with a tee for casual wear or a fancier blouse for fine dining and dancing. Change out the golf shoes to flip-flops, heels or boots for a various fashion combos with the Brazilian pant.

For golf, match it with the Queen sleeveless top. A slightly indented cut to the back of the sleeve gives a sporty haute look with a solid black front and rainbow swirl sorbet print on the collar’s edge, shoulder and back, interrupted by a black panel between the sleeve indentations. An online Mother’s Day discount is generously 40%.

Chase 54

Chase 54 Queen Sleeveless top

The Pioneer Pant for Men

Chase 54’s Pioneer pant for men is constructed with Dryfuze poly stretch that ensures mobility and comfort. The fabric is so soft inside and out that he won’t want to take them off. The hopeful 54 emblem attaches to the back pocket on a platinum color that looks as rich as it sounds.

Chase 54

Pioneer Pant

They match almost any top but are especially attractive with the Amazon polo that graduates hues of grey from almost white upward to dark at the collar. The Nashville with a pretty blue/white/grey geometric vertical print is a prime match as well.

Chase 54

Amazon Polo

Let’s be honest, to score a 54 is nearly impossible to get. But the chase is admirable and fun while wearing Chase 54 fashions, which score well with everyone.