EUROPE – The European Tour Qualifying School saw another dramatic finish after over 1000 players braved the 3 stages of qualifying rounds to end with a total of 30 Tour Cards being handed out for the 2017 season. Nathan Kimsey from England won Q-School with a 13 under par and his win makes him the 2nd player in history to play all 3 qualifying stages and to go on to win the overall event. Ricardo Gonzalez from Argentina went on to be the oldest player to graduate from Q-School (age 47).

The leading 25 players (and ties) qualify for their European Tour Cards and this year the tournament went down to the wire. A 6 under par was on track to mark the cut off for a tour card, until the final couple of holes which saw the score move out to 5 under par. Amongst the qualifiers was the Swingclick player, Jaco Ahlers from South Africa who has continued to amaze readers with his up and coming performance since he started using the Swingclick Golf Training Aid in May this year.

Ahlers started his career on the Sunshine Tour in 2006 and as golf industry followers we don’t always see the years of hard work these players invest, only to be seen as becoming an overnight success. Sometimes it only takes something small to ‘click’ and suddenly you have a player like Ahlers who goes from 4 missed cuts in the beginning of the year, to 3 Tournament Wins and a European Tour Card by the end of the year.

So after all this time, what has “clicked” for Ahlers? It’s the 10,000 hour principle of practicing the same thing over and over again, working on his mental game and adding the rhythm and tempo trainer to his practice regime.

Swingclick Technology was used on the European Tour

Swingclick Technology was used on the European Tour Qualifying School

Nick Faldo commented on the Golf Channel earlier this year, that in a tournament the most important thing to do, is to keep your rhythm. As golfers we all know that “it’s all about rhythm”, but to have a repeatable process in your practice session, where you can quantify good rhythm, has been impossible to date.

Luckily for players such as Ahlers, they now have a clear, definable reference to keeping their rhythm. They focus on consistently finishing their backswing as this is the key to great rhythm. When you finish your backswing, your hands, arms and body work in sync to produce your best swing and the Swingclick rhythm trainer is essential for practicing this.

The device straps to a golfer’s forearm and clicks at the top of the backswing, at impact and follow through, giving audio feedback at the 3 critical points in the swing. It’s simple and easy to use with all your clubs.

“The key is to have the patience to create a smooth transition” said Ahlers. As golfers we want to rush our transition and this is the Achilles heel to great rhythm. The Swingclick solves this problem by giving the golfer audio feedback to complete their backswing consistently and to create a smooth transition.

The Swingclick PLUS is available for the Holiday Season in blue, red, orange, and purple for $35 on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and swingclickgolf.com. The original SwingClick is $19.99. Quantity discounts are available for golf academies and PGA professionals. For more information and video tips, visit swingclickgolf.com.