When describing the new Exotics CBX fairway woods David Glod, founder and president of Tour Edge Golf said, “The CBX wood is a game-changer. The distance gains from the independent test are phenomenal. Then we saw the spin numbers and started calling it the ‘spin-killer’ around the office.”

The Exotics line goes back to 2004 and has always been at the leading edge of technology using new materials, designs and construction techniques. This philosophy when applied to the new Exotics CBX fairway woods put them firmly on everyone’s “must-try” list. Tour Edge shared results of testing that compared the CBX with three top-of-the-line fairway woods from other major manufacturers. The data shows the CBX produces higher ball speed, less spin and between 9.5 and 24.7 yards greater distance.

If the Tour Edge Exotics CBX fairway woods sound interesting, here are five things you should know:

The beta titanium cup face is thinner and stronger than comparable models for more distance at every swing speed. It is brazed to the club’s hyper-steel body for the best launch trajectory and to lower spin.

Part of the sole is a carbon composite, so the center of mass is moved forward toward the clubface and with the head shape being both longer and wider this helps produce lower spin.

Exotics CBX

The variable thickness face helps preserve ball speed when impact is slightly off center.

Tour Edge’s Speed Ramp sole design minimizes turf interaction. The club tends to glide over the grass rather than dig which helps clubhead speed to be maintained all the way through impact.

CBX fairway woods are available in four lofts; 3 (13.5 degree), 3 (15 degree), 4 (16.5 degree), and 5 (18 degree), each carries a price of $350. Complimenting the fairway 0-woods are the CBC hybrids which are available in 16-degree, 18-degree and 20-degree loft at a retail price of $250.

In Case Anyone Should Ask:

Mini Gunboat: The PXG Gunboat putter earned some attention after Pat Perez won with it at the CIMB Classic back in October and now a smaller version tagged the Gunboat Mini has been released. The milled-insert design has the same 304 stainless steel billet-milled face, TPE core and perimeter weighting as the Gunboat but in a shorter and narrower head shape. Available now for $550.

PXG Minigunboat

TaylorMade M3/M4: Sighted in pros’ bags including that of Tiger Woods, the new M3 driver which is to be the replacement of the M1. Can the M2’s replacement, thought to be the M4, be far behind? Still to come is approval of the USGA and the official release that looks like is being timed for the PGA Show the last week of January. The M3 and M4 will be the first drivers for TMaG since the new owners took over and could be looked at as the start of their efforts to regain the number one position in the metalwoods business.

Polara Out of Bounds: According to a copyrighted story in the Washington Business Journal, Polara, the makers of what they billed as the “ultimate anti-slice” golf ball, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection listing less than $1 million in assets and $3 million in liabilities. Forty years ago, the Polara ball with a dimple design said to straighten out slices gained some attention but when the USGA refused to add it to the list of conforming balls for tournament pay the company sued. Finally, settlement was reach with the Association paying $1.4 million and Polara agreeing to stop selling the ball. In 2005 production was restarted and in 2009 Aero-X Golf purchased the design.

Polara Ultimate Straight