Imagine if you could know your exact plane during the transition between the back and downswing while staying in perfect rhythm? I found two devices that pair perfectly with each other but work just fine for their fundamental aspect of the swing we all strive to master.
Swing Click
Sounds and timing seem to go hand in hand as our brains, bodies and fast twitch muscles cooperate better when in sequence. The Swing Click helps make all of this possible with an amazingly simple device strapped to the outside of your forearm. You can even adjust the angle of the bar to match shorter swings making it the ultimate distance control tool. Before you know it golfers on ranges all over the world will be hearing a click at the top, a click at impact and if they are patient a click at the follow through pose. Wait for the applause for only $29.99 on (search swingclick).
The SWING Finder
This device takes it a step further adding a component that tailors to your swing. When you set the device up you know where to place your feet, where the transition in your swing is and your swing plane. There is one thing for sure the over the tops will disappear after practice with this aid. You could even see a complete plane and back swing length transformation with this. Best of all you can use this indoors or outdoors. Videos are available on The SWING Finder website. Do it right every time at for only $289.00.

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