Ball Marker Jewelry


If you want to learn all about natural gemstones, just ask Kristen Vasques, owner and designer of Gems And Beyond. She combined her love of travel, faraway places and natural gemstones into a jewelry business. In the mid 90s she was asked to do trunk shows at Bell Tower, Jacobsen’s and Saks 5th Avenue selling all kinds of fine jewelry.

She always loved and studied art, painted and sewed like her sister Lisa Balconi who is the designer for Tee 2 Sea golf apparel. Lisa and golf friends suggested Kristen make necklaces with removable ball markers to complement the lovely Tee 2 Sea dresses and so she did.



Kristen started with one 4-color ball marker necklace set and added the diamond clear, tanzanite purple, ruby red and amber orange. Now she has an interchangeable 6 piece set designed to match any outfit, selling successfully to golf leagues and tournaments. She is hoping to expand into shops. Lisa will have Kristen’s pieces on display in the Tee 2 Sea booth at the PGA Merchandise Show.


The copal amber in her jewelry comes from petrified sap from tropical trees in Nepal. She personally obtained it “in 2000 when visiting this paradise location along the river where little Bedouins were gathering their wares to look at after lunch. There I discovered some were copal amber.” She also uses olive wood hand carved in Jerusalem. The beach glass comes from the Florida area, Garnet from Mozambique, Lapiz from Afghanistan, and Amethysts are found in Brazil. Pearls for her Leather and Lace necklaces come from the Orient and are specially drilled overseas for the 2 mm leather. Twice Kristen visited Egypt and brought back artifacts that she incorporates in designs. She special orders the 15 mm lead free lobster clasps, for a high quality easy attachment.

Who knew rose quartz removes negativity and brings calmness? Garnet clears out old energies and toxins according to her gemsandbeyond site. The list goes on. Might the markers have power to help the yips?