cs2Created by Whim Ventures, The “SmokeSetter” is a new and unique cigar holder. Unlike other cigar holder accessories, the SmokeSetter used virtually anywhere, from cars, trucks, boats and other places where one enjoys cigars, especially golf carts. The SmokeSetter will soon be found in brick and mortar cigar shops, online cigar shops as well as golf course pro shops across the United States.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.59.19 AMThe SmokeSetter is not just for golf. Even though its creation surfaced when the founders were enjoying a cigar while golfing, the cup holder accessory allows complete flexibility beyond the golf course” said a company representative. The product is even more versatile with the addition of a “Cup Holder Adapter” that allows you to enjoy your cigars anywhere you go where there’s a typical cup holder; the unit fits up to three standard cup holder sizes allowing the SmokeSetter to be also utilized in an automobile, while boating or merely just lounging at the beach.

csWe asked; “Why is SmokeSetter better than other products that are similar?” A company representative replied, “The SmokeSetter is the most versatile cigar holder in the market. It’s a carry case, a holder to protect two premium cigars, and also an ashtray due to its unique bottom design which is easily installed within most golf cart ball trays for a secure location to set your lit cigar; All-in-One. The two part design was created to provide a reminder to never forget your holder in the cart or on a tee box back on the golf course like the other inferior clips which are not only easily forgotten on the course but also damage your smokes. Best of all it can be used anywhere you enjoy cigars.” The SmokeSetter can also be customized for a corporate golf outing or charity golf event making the function memorable by providing attendees a very functional keepsake.

cigarsettlerThe SmokeSetter is the ONLY all-in-one carry case, holder, & ashtray for two lit cigars. Its patented design allows the bottom receptacle to snap into most golf cart ball trays allowing for a secure location to set your cigars. It serves as an ashtray for improved golf cart and course maintenance. The two part design was created to easily attach to your golf bag protecting your sticks in route to the course while providing a reminder to never forget your holder when you’re on your way to the course or after enjoying a round.