Architect: Walter Travis (1923)


Rendering of Hole 8

North Jersey Country Club was originally called Paterson Golf Club and created in April of 1894.. The present day 18-hole layout is located in Wayne Township, New Jersey and is the handiwork of Walter Travis. The course occupies rugged terrain and the creation of the design took nearly two years to complete — opening in 1923.

Travis was known for imaginative putting surfaces and North Jersey still has several original designs. Unfortunately, over the course of time, a number of others were completely changed and thereby provide an odd mixture.

One of the holes that wonderfully encapsulates the spirit of Travis remains essentially intact. The par-4 8th, which for many years occupied the 5th slot, is grand fun. A rollicking hole bursting at the seams with natural character. Years ago trees and underbrush growth obscured the qualities of the hole. Through the talents of Superintendent Tyler Otero and his hard working staff the intrinsic beauty of the hole has been brought back to life in fine fashion.


The tee shot is played over a pond to a rising fairway. Players encounter a “blind” shot replicated several times at North Jersey. One of the qualities Travis provided with his designs was including rolling fairways and the 8th does this extremely well. Flat lies for one’s approach are possible but not always guaranteed. The fairway slopes to the right and golfers able to use the left side can gain a major advantage in having their tee shot roll out for maximum yardage. Those missing too far left or right are left with a challenging approach. The 8th requires the perfect marriage between sufficient length and uncanny accuracy.

Over the years a number of changes have been made to the hole but the fundamental premise Travis originally created remains. This is especially so with the superb putting surface. The green has numerous internal contours — simply landing a ball on the green guarantees nothing. Those missing to the far left will face a daunting challenge as the green moves abruptly away. Shaping shots and getting into fine position to execute is the cornerstone of superior architecture and the Travis touch is clearly front and center at the 8th.