You Can Own Henrik’s Bag For An Affordable Price!

The most recent winner on the PGA Tour is a Callaway staff guy. Henrik Stenson boasts a full Callaway bag.

But the thing that may shock you is he is not carrying around the new Big Bertha Epic, or even the XR Steelhead irons that are all the rave in the golf world right now.

The thing with Stenson is his ball striking is so good, he could pretty much hit wooden Spaulding clubs and still perform.


Henrik Stenson

So I wanted to take a look into his bag, and see how much you could own the identical set Stenson won the Wyndham Championship with. I used prices from 2ndswing.com and looked at used prices for average condition clubs.

  • Driver: Free

Umm well you see. He didn’t have one last weekend. Yeah, so his 294 average driving distance for the week… that was with a 3 wood.

  • 3 Wood: Callaway Diablo Octane Tour. Price: $80.00

Coming out in 2011, it is safe to say his 3 wood is a little dated. Although it may not have the technology of todays Epic, he sure does know how to use this club. He obviously plays it with an upgraded shaft, so price may be a little off.

  • 5 Wood: XR 16 Pro. Price: $130.00

This club must seem like a futuristic thing in Stenson’s hands. The XR was Callaway’s line before the Epic and they rated out really well. The XR 16 will probably be in his bag for many years, until he is on the senior tour.

  • Irons: Callaway Legacy Black. Price: around $800

These are a tough purchase. They are a pretty rare iron and a lot of people want them. Although they are several years old they still go for a pretty penny online. After research it looks like these were a Callaway Japan release, confirming why they are rare.

  • Wedges: Mack Daddy. Price: $100 a piece.

Wedges pretty much don’t lose value. It is a flat piece of metal with grooves. Callaway works with Roger Cleveland so it makes sense Stenson would upgrade to the new best thing designed by the worlds best wedge craftsmen.

  • Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #7H. Price: $60.00

Great example of, if it works, play it. You don’t need 500 dollar putters to make putts.

Total: $1,370.

May seem like a huge number. But I know many people who have that much into just their driver and putter. At the end of the day that may be one of the most affordable PGA Tour bags out there.

If you think there is one cheaper, let me know and we will check.