Callaway Golf’s 2016 Chrome Soft is an update of last year’s ball of the same name. Update may be too mild a description since the new Chrome soft has a 4-piece construction rather the 3-piece construction of last year. The core now has two layers that Callaway says produces comparatively better performance including lower spin off the driver and allowing added compression on iron shots.


The soft feel of the 2015 Chrome Soft has been retained as has the higher spin characteristics for shots from within 100 yards with the Tour Urethane Cover in combination with a responsive mantle layer. Finally, the familiar HEX Aerodynamics dimple pattern has been “optimized” according to Callaway. The price is $40 per dozen.

They also have a totally new ball entry in the very low compression segment of the market  called the Superhot 55 which retails for $28 per dozen and as the name denotes it is 55 compression. The cover of Surlyn provides low drag and high lift to give greater distance off the tee and in fact for every shot.

The company reports the 3-piece construction minimizes slices and hooks because of the softer properties of the mantle and Surlyn cover plus allowing more compression and better feel.