Unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2010, the Bridgestone J-38 forged irons gained rapid acceptance during the past year from better players. J-38’s come in two versions – the Cavity Back and the Dual Pocket Cavity – both with midsize heads forged from 1020 carbon steel.

The J-38 Cavity Backs have a tapered sole and “relieved” leading and trailing edges to allow low handicappers and pros a high degree of workability even from lies that aren’t the best. The heads feature a magnesium composite (heavier than steel) sole back weight to push more weight to perimeter. This means of course more forgiveness and lots of vibration dampening both of which are factors in obtaining a better feeling club. The J-38 Dual Pocket Cavity irons alter the Cavity Back design with the addition of two (you guessed it!) pocket cavities in the back sole area to move more mass behind the hitting area.

Both versions come with really good stock shafts, the very nice Project X Flighted Rifle shaft. Found in many Tour players bags these step-less shafts have an exaggerated change in kick point as you move through the bag; each made to match the best flight characteristics for a particular iron’s loft and length. Simply put, the longer irons have shafts with lower kick points to give a higher ball flight and more distance moving down to the short irons with shafts having higher kick points for lower trajectory, better accuracy and control.

The J-38’s, both flavors, are very good irons and should be considered for purchase by better players…or those who want to be better players.

MSRP for a seven-iron set (4-iron to pitching wedge) is $899 however we found the street price to be $799. A 3-iron is available at street of $115.