In the past, the start of cold weather was the first signal to put the clubs in the closet until the warmth of spring rolled back around. Not anymore. With the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Simulation system, New England golfers can keep their games sharp throughout the winter and hit the course running in the spring.


SkyTrak is the first of its kind – a personal, yet professional grade, launch monitor that powers an expansive set of practice, and skytrak-statsplay simulation apps. Whether you simply fire up the SkyTrak driving range app for PC or tablet, or decide to play one of the many famous golf courses from simulation partners such as TruGolf, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, World Golf Tour or The Golf Club Game, you will have limitless options for ways to keep your game tuned through the winter.

Professional golfers have used this same launch monitor technology in expensive commercial systems for years. They know it works. They understand that Knowing Your Game leads to becoming a better player. And, they know the value of what it means to Practice with a Purpose, by seeing their ball performance data and flight trajectories. Some of the systems the professionals use can cost upwards of $25,000, but SkyTrak delivers this same level of professional ball flight data for a cost under $2,000.

With a SkyTrak launch monitor, you can work on your game and see your performance improve over time with detailed ball data, shot history and trends from every practice session. You can set-up sessions in the SkyTrak Skills Assessment feature that will reveal your strengths, weaknesses and tendencies across different distances. And, you’ll receive a score with the SkyTrak Dynamic Handicap™ system for each shot, distance, club and overall. Now, you will know exactly where you need to practice, because you’ll have actionable information that will provide hours of fun through the winter and will help you become a better golfer. You will start the new season with a bang because you will not be spending time in the spring shaking off the rust.

skytrak-golferGolfers can now take advantage of special finance programs from SkyTrak with affordablemonthly payments. They can choose from 0% interest for 6-months, or 12-months, making it even simpler to get SkyTrak in place. Now, golfers can work on their games, play golf, or use it for entertainment with Long Drive and Closest to the Pin contests. This makes it possible to have a complete practice, play and entertainment system for golf at home year-round. It is truly something the whole family can enjoy. The ability to practice and play golf anywhere and anytime, even if it is snowing or raining outside, will give you the advantage you need to move to the next level of performance on the course. SkyTrak – it’s how you’ll become a better golfer, and how you’ll put some fun into those long, cold New England winter evenings.