CEO Larry Jackson shows up Loudmouth's latest.

CEO Larry Jackson shows off Loudmouth’s latest.

By Katharine Dyson

Working in his garage about 10 years ago, Loudmouth Golf founder and designer Scott “Woody” Woodworth sewed up one wild pair of pants. People either loved them or were appalled and at first it was not so easy selling these audacious golfing fashions to the golf world. They called them “outrageous, shocking, fun.”

Sure John Daly wore them, but then he grabs attention in whatever he does. Lorena Ochoa’s caddy, David Brooker also wore Loudmouth shorts triggering unprecedented comments from reporters on the looper’s attire on national television.

Dancing head-on into the outrageous, in 2007 Loudmouth debuted a limited selection for men only, at the PGA show. “We were four dudes and a stool at a small table against the wall next to Schwetty Balls, “ recalls Larry Jackson, CEO of the company. “Our only display was a glass bowl to collect business cards.”

Today Loudmouth has turned the golf apparel world into a merry amalgam of explosive energy with a kaleidoscope lineup of clothing and accessories — everything from pants, skorts, hats, swim trunks and belts to licensed logo clothing, and golf bags for men and women. Jackson says his splashy drop cloth and paint ball designs are some of the company’s hottest sellers.

Loudmouth’s exuberance reflects a distinctive style of fun, a noticeable break from the tried and true black, white, khaki and alligators. All that’s been replaced by Shagadelic Pink, Mango Disco balls and other eye-dazzling colors and patterns that have popped up in other Loudmouth Golf products like watches and shoes.

Pollock-like splotches, green, orange, black and white diamonds, tropical flowers, stripes, hot short shorts in vivid stripes for women, you name it. If it grabs your eye, stops you in your tracks, it’s got to be Loudmouth. us.loudmouthgolf.com